As best as the Shortcuts Way of Living can perceive anything human,
it appears that you would be pleased, although not bowled over,
by having fifty to eighty percent of all your expenses returned.
You have yet to grasp the multiples of wealth that result.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is an effort give you this.

Based on the secrets and shortcuts of the world's masters and millionaires,
along with the champions and billionaires who best personify great success,
thousands and thousands of the best and brightest of our many generations,
the Shortcuts Way of Living is to help you get more from what you have,
in order for you to achieve and acquire, grow more of what you have.
At the basis of all great knowledge is one potent reminder to you:
If you knew better, we are confident that you would do better.
Until you show better, heed those who prove to know better.
Masters and millionaires, and champions and billionaires.
Let us prove you can understand how most of your money is stolen.
If you are cheated out of money, that money is considered to be stolen.
When you do not receive what you are promised, that money is counted as stolen.
When you buy a one-cent doughnut for a dollar, you have been cheated of your money.
You do not need to enjoy the word combinations to grasp their most profitable meanings.
You do not need to like any of the truths of life in order to profit from those great truths.