Yes, Shapetalk.
ShapeTalk Wisdom,
Shapetalking shortcuts.
Unique, and yet timeless.
What is known, and yet not.
Ancient and yet fresh wisdom.
An innovation of MisterShortcut.
EyeCandy with defined purposes.
Wisdom of masters and millionaires,
given in return for helping your helpless.
Shortcuts from those proving to know better.
There are only two ends of the horse, correct?
Those who do better prove to know much better.
Everyone else is a slathering sign of feeblemindedness.
Most every opinion you ever form is 100 percent wrong.
Without experience, without extensive knowledge,
nothing more valuable than saliva is donated.
Better to be silent, and be thought a fool,
than to speak, removing all doubt of it.
Shapetalk will prove to be your best,
of all the word-tools you may find,
helping you to help yourself now,
moving forward at higher speed,
where you must live your life,
moving at the speed of life.
Let Shapetalk show you.
If you do not get your information from the mouth of the horse,
do you understand that we see you at the wrong end of the horse?
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires know best of all,
which we know because they outperform most of the rest of all of us, true?
Your income surely goes up today, with so litte effort, without spending cash.

Shapetalk is meant to provide a sweet range of services that can all be described in a single stated goal.
When three magnificent goals coalesce into one unified approach to life, health and wealth tend to present.
A founding goal of the Longevity Zen of Health is to help you to help yourself live stronger for longer, naturally.
A primary goal of the Shortcuts Way of Living is to help you to help yourself rapidly develop world-class excellence.
Secrets and shortcuts of these life-approaches, shared through literally thousands of MisterShortcut "schools of thought,"
all spring forth from the most basic secrets and shortcuts used by the highest performers throughout the history of Mankind.
Unless, until you break and shatter more world records than MisterShortcut, and our greatest role models, your opinion is null.
Only those with extensive knowledge and extensive experience can pretend to mastery or expertise. Everyone else needs to heed.
The best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, which are the self-same secrets of champions and billionaires, who are hungrier,
all work approximately 100 percent of the time for approximately 100 percent of those who use them 100 times and beyond.
When we learn to brush our hair, how to wash our body, or anything else done over and over, we learn to use our hands.
The reminder of this moment is that, in all that you do, there are always choices to do it with mediocrity, or excellence.
No less than ninety percent of the time, we learn to do it with one hand, and it never occurs to most of us to use two!
Regardless of why we only tend to do it with one hand, we usually have a choice of doing it with one hand or two.
Whyever would you stretch one arm and not the other? Why would we paint with one hand when we have two?
This applies to many hundreds of tasks that we are going to repeat anyway, throughout our personal decades,
proving the wisdom of learning how to save the most critical, crucial, irreplaceable of all human resources.
When you declare yourself a full student of the Shortcuts Way of Living, money will come, and mean less.
When you learn to engage physical bliss on command, which you shortly will, money becomes risible.
Such wealth comes from your admixing of the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health.
By making the journey a bit sweeter, the intentions of Shapetalk subordinate to the group of goals.
So you are encouraged to enjoy Shapetalk, while also reading between these lines of Shapetalk.
Many of the world's greatest master secrets of the universe, ALL one-conditionally guaranteed,
are hidden right here in plain sight, and consistently work for all of us who've earned "Master"

Since the Shortcuts Way of Living and the Longevity Zen of Health are aimed at "good guys,"
the secrets and shortcuts and substances you learn or learn more about here, are all merited.
MisterShortcut merited them by reading a book or three per day for 15,000 days, and beyond,
and you earn them by finding these "hidden" PowerGems and HealthGems which near-always work.
Most anything that works ninety to one hundred percent of the time qualifies as a PowerGem.
Do you note how only one line on this page distinctly stands out? That is not by coincidence.
Be good enough to drill that line into your brain, because good guys have great persistence.
It is thought and believed that very few people looking to "get over" have enough patience.
When you make it to a line such as this one, you earn a bit of a gem. Shall we begin now?

Never, EVER take in new and useful information only to form an opinion or say, "Oh, that's just..."
You really don't know what you're talking about. Do you charge $5800 per hour to speak to people?
One hundred dollars per minute, with a generous $200 discount for every hour booked in advance?
If not, then who are you to form an opinion for us on how to make a hundred dollars per minute?
In his first week doing this, MisterShortcut booked forty-four hours, and then took three years off.
The objective was not to get rich; it was to pay for three years of bills to free up time for living.
Instead of a book per day, it went to three and four, often more, to gain more master secrets.
When you shatter hundreds of useful world records per year, you prove to have the big recipe.
The greatest of all of MisterShortcut powers is, without doubt, the skills in sharing them with you.
MisterShortcut and the Shortcuts Way of Living, and the Longevity Zen of Health , invite your skills.
Make just three alterations in the next few minutes of your life for your health and wealth to expand.
Number one: For the next 100 weeks, do not buy anything that is nationally advertised, if it's avoidable.
Never mind what other people think: This one trick alone will put thousands of cash back into your pocket.

Unlike the money that most parents short-sightedly (on more than one level) mis-taught us to pursue,
unlike toys and toxic treats that tend to cost ten to one hundred times what they cost to bring unto you,
there are a number of values that work better, deliver more, and help us to achieve lifetimes we enjoy.
MisterShortcut lives a life far beyond the understanding of most people, at less than one tenth the price.
Most anyone and everyone giving a licit cogitation to the Shortcuts Way of Living will learn much more,
not least of which is the simple grasp of how to get up to ten and more times the value of your earnings.
It is a master secret of the universe, available only to those who respect their own opinions most of all.