The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life Presents The Secrets and Shortcuts of Success

Through all the lists of what you want or need to master, you will find that all manner of human activities and goals have shortcuts.
Any time you pay someone to do something for you, such as cooking your food, you are using shortcuts, albeit for little things.
Since you are already using so many shortcuts in your life, does it not make sense to use more of your powerful shortcuts?
Powerful shortcuts, used repeatedly and with full focus, yield up at least as much, or more, as you can and do imagine.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is, in it's fuller name and in a full meaning of all it took to be created and explained,
the Shortcuts Way of Living of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires: Who repeatedly excels

Let the Shortcuts Way of Living and MisterShortcut show you the way to accelerated results.
Do as masters and champions do and you duplicate the results of masters and champions.
This is an essential feature and factor and reality of anyone's Shortcuts Way of Living.
The more you look at some of the dummies you grew up with who're now excelling,
the more urgently do you need to really get that excellence is most of all a choice.
You cannot excel by accident, and neither did or do those dummies we all see.
Genius is an infinite willingness to do it at least one or a hundred more times.
There is no exception: Do it enough times with an eye to modest advances,
and you will be among the very best when that is your prime, focused goal.
Who better to share this than the most record-breaking person in history?
Look to those who do better than you at a specific, identified task of your desire.
In nearly every field, the best of the best are happy to share, and even, briefly, mentor.
Until you contact a dozen or a hundred of the best of us all at what YOU need to be best at,
this is nothing more than an academic exercise for you, and a repetition of a successful formula.
Since the report of these repetitions comes from one still breaking, shattering, creating world records,
you can safely count on many of your role models, in most every human field, happy to offer you a hand up.
Embrace your Shortcuts Way of Living, to know how quickly the Shortcuts Way of Living embraces you, too.

ShapeTalk Goals - Secrets of Success

Secrets of success wrapped in eyecandy shapetalk.
The Shortcuts Way of Living employs eyecandy shapetalk,
aimed particularly at accomplishing several tasks simultaneously,
expanding the meanings and uses of power by the world's have-nots,
on many tens of thousands of unique pages of the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Millions & millions of creations on millions of pages, including some Shapetalk.
As much fun as the Shortcuts Way of Living hopes you have in drinking ShapeTalk,
this near-religion is not quite as much about entertainment as it is about edutainment.

Shapetalk is meant to guide you to the PowerGems strewn through the Shortcuts Way of Living,
and to reach, find, note, and make use of the HealthGems that comprise the Longevity Zen of Health.
All play and no real investment in development of self makes for a human being of the truly dullest order.
To help you in the goals of your self-empowerment, the Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts, MisterShortcut,
asks YOU to use ShapeTalk to succeed by reading INTO the shapetalk, reading between the lines, and the words.
Each and every bit of great wisdom discussed within the Shortcuts Way of Living has a fantastic range of meanings.
Until today, you have rarely, if ever, tapped into this unlimited reservoir of personal power to change most everything.
You hear or see something new, and INSTANTLY form an opinion, whether or not you have expertise in that specific area.
Forget expertise, you even form opinions on new information you have zero experience in or any previous knowledge of!
The Shortcuts Way of Living is about finding people doing it best, so it is only useful when you recognize your own idiocy.
Today, in this minute, we can change that, and for so many, it is a moment of seeing that light bulb illuminating more.
Every piece of great information you ever receive in your life has more and deeper meanings than you stop to see.
Even when you do grasp a second meaning, you are promised that third and fourth meanings can yield you more.
Even the most modest use of this PowerGem tend to dramatically, rapidly accelerate the results that you pursue.