Getting And Giving With The Shortcuts Way of Living

The Shortcuts Way of Living, to help the helpless.
It's as selfish as you can get, because we usually get what we give.
Please do not think you are smarter than hundreds of world champions.
You cannot avoid great things happening for you when you give out more.

The Shortcuts Way of Living proves that the more you give, the more you get.
Give silently when you choose to share. It's no one's business how much you give.
Give loudly if it helps you to get whatever it is you believe you get from giving loudly;
just make no mistake in grasping the immutable, repeatable PowerGem you find here.

Everything in your life lights up brighter when you embrace the Shortcuts Way of Living

Because the great PowerGems are universal, you can apply them as and when you wish.
Because the great PowerGems tend to work at magnificently accelerated rates of efficacy,
no rational person on earth can refute the repeatable power of any of your PowerGems.
These are the greatest shorcuts, the most self-empowering shortcuts of champions.
The more starving kids you feed, the more cleft palates you help fix, SMILING,
the more PowerGems you will find to use at the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Among the fastest of all shortcuts it the shortcuts of simple imitation.
Find someone doing it better than you, and imitate their steps.
Imitating those steps, over and over until you get it right,
is how the Shortcuts Way of Living materially helps.
If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing right.
Who does it best, does it right... most often.
Live the Shortcuts Way of Living today.
Help the helpless, as-when you can,
silently, and profitably as you can.