Master secrets of the universe

- The first stands alone because it is your most prolifically potent shortcut of all


Good oil.
Much fiber.
Air-dried salt.
Modified Laser.
Detox mudpacks.
Interference Field.
Stress management.
Mineral control of pH.
Preternatural flexibility.
Quantum Reflex Analysis.
Assisting the truly helpless.
Time-tracking 1,000 Minutes.
Yielding more than promised.
One percent boost in all things.
Ask for this or that, not yes or no.
People tend to follow their leaders.
If it is to be, I recognize it's up to me.
Eye contact multiplies your sum value.
Writing more ensures you earning more.
Who does the best proves to know the best.
Recipes give you 20x speed, to improve with.
Only asking supersedes the power of a smile.
Asking repeatedly with a smile is ultimate.
Nothing you ever see will be as potent.

Dial more, smile more, you will pile more.
The more you write, the more you profit.
Books, maps, to-do lists, all the same.
Until you are a master or champion,
watch and imitate those who are.

Chewed liquids.
Liquid Foods.
Green fiber.

Shapetalk Dittification

Shapetalk is a way to say, and shapetalk is also a way to play,
with the wisdom of the ages, of the masters and champions,
of those who do best of all,
thus this Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk is aimed at you,
in pursuit of you flying past your own restrictive walls.

Let Shapetalk take you, through the minds of those,
who prove to know best of all.
Use Shapetalk wisdom, through the gales of stones,
permit Shapetalk to guide you, to build your own cloak.
Push through the walls, with the strength of your knowledge,
Fly past the wires, with full length of your college.
For what is the use of learning and striving,
why do we bother, scrabbling, climbing,
unless to do good, for all that you see,
from kind face in the mirror,
to the starving chimpanzee.

Shapetalk, please, Shapetalk, mentor me that way,
I'm going that way, as they mold in Shapetalk clay.

For all that you think, that such madness abounds,
to the brilliant does the greatest of joy redound.

All that you see, in your own history,
all that you feel in the thrill of curved keel,
will round up about, when you storm your redoubt,
Shapetalk will illumine how anguish is to be cast out.
Whatever form your Shapetalk takes, shape it while you've time.
If you feel that 25,000 days are that much, try counting those behind you.
Shapetalk is whatever music, art, scholarship, or giving, is in you, to give now.
Shapetalk is the Shortcuts Way of Living telling you that you are running out of time.