Shortcuts Way of Living
Shapetalk and Domains

Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk Notions
Shapetalk to taste, Shapetalk never wastes,
yielding the most with the greatest of haste.
Shapetalk is here, to explicate and explain,
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Shapetalk and shortcuts, presented line by line,
may be easier to grasp, when ingested one at a time.
Shapetalk and shortcuts means more shortcuts and shapetalk,
imitating the masters and millionaires who clearly walk their talk.
Shapetalk might help you, and comes close to what heals you,
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The truth is that power is not found in what you know,
the most repetitive power is seen in what you show.
Shapetalk and shortcuts throughout these sites,
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mm, success is what Shapetalk stalks.
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Shapetalk will yield you those Shapetalk results,
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The Shortcuts Way of Living, Internet Shapetalk Corner.


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