We've heard all of the excuses, the Shortcuts Way of Living is not here for excuses.
You cannot expect a better result tomorrow until you change your effort today.
This is absolute, so, knowing it in advance gives you enormous power.
Just look at how many things you have to repeat most every day.
From brushing your teeth to earning your daily bread,
we see a great deal of repetition. True, or not?
If you're going to repeat something every day,
why not teach yourself one percent improvements?
Those tiny, barely discernible one percent improvements,
when added up over the course of a hundred days and a thousand,
will reveal the enormity of excellence still sleeping within your potential.
If and only if you are smart enough to understand that today is the first step,
the first step in the rest of the journey you hope to take within this one lifetime,
embrace the Shortcuts Way of Living to eke out one-percent life improvements.

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