Multiply Your Own Shapetalk With The Shortcuts Way of Living

Shapetalk for this, Shapetalk for that,
Shapetalk are shortcuts that you pull out from your hat.
Shapetalk are universal, more than amply versatile.

They'll pull you from the frying pan,
and save you from the fire's burn,
Shapetalk are tasty like a little candy pastie,
'cause they work all the time, and don't cost us but a dime.
Shapetalk are universal, irrefutable, immutable, generously versatile,
and those who say it can't be done can watch us winning all the while,
for Shapetalk are just about perfect, they fit so precisely into every last segment.
Universal means no exception, and that's what you get,
because Shapetalk will assuredly claim their attention.
Ask more people more times each,
your yesses will taste like the sweetest peach.

Shapetalk, that and Shapetalk this, all you could want of a dream.
Insert a date into a dream, so that when it is seen, when that dream transforms into what it seemed.
So, what proves to be real, next to what you you feel, are casting about without seeing the wheel.
Center it thus and so with Shapetalk, the best of all those kinds, working nearly every time.
Struth? Just a dream with a date, a deathline or dateline that's set that will be met.
Shapetalk, grant us the boost, the energizing advance,
one that might ensure that it's you,
who spins the winning dance.
Let them laugh, let them scorn, tolerate ridicule,
Use Shapetalk again every night and morn,
and watch how soon it's you who will rule.
Every minute that's focused on a better way,
co-produces a sweeter tormorrow today.
Shapetalk, child, right in front of your face,
Shapetalk, now, will assure your place.

The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life, scheming to be YOUR Shapetalk Capital.

Shapetalk don't tarry, for Shapetalk can marry,
all the tools for winning that a trainee master carries.
You know the greatest Shapetalk, the ones that work each time,
and yet you live without your tools, because you didn't pay that dime.
The more we pay for info, the more we tend to think,
that it's not just something your broker pulled out,
of the nearest kitchen sink.
Shapetalk are ultimate tools,
to used by the brilliant,
and missed by our fools.
Shapetalk means practice, in hope we get it right,
for there is no secret greater within YOUR illumined sight.
Shapetalk will take you there, to where you dare to tread and care,
you will always work much better when guided by YOUR light. - It's the real thing.
Your intelligence increases when you FULLY suspend your opinion, and stick to just the facts.
You can go back to your weighted, perhaps freighted opinions, after you comprehend repeated empirical fact.

Until you shatter world records, Shapetalk are your greatest secrets, most powerful shortcuts.