Shortcuts Way of Living Shapetalk Exegesis

Shapetalk to tease you, shapetalk to please you,
more shapetalk following shapetalk to release you,
from the normal bonds and bounds of normal thinking,
when your chances of success seem to be ever-shrinking.
Shapetalk of the universe, with shortcuts via song and verse,
Shapetalk that you wished for, as a child with longing dreams,
long before you knew that there is little that is as it seems.

Shapetalk of the pirates and the popes and princes, too,
all the usual suspects whose practice is to rule.
Never by the truth, instead a meaning far away,
concealing by generations,
what they really meant to say.
Never will this shapetalk lead you down of path of lies,
where the answers immolate in such deception flown so high.

Shapetalk can be just illusion, for the blind man cannot see it,
Shapetalk proves your greatest truth, for no one alive might flee it.
When you know the fact before them, you have power in your hand,
when you use the fact before them, your wealth proves you understand.
Learn to drink in all your Shapetalk, make sure you read between the lines,
for when all is said and done tonight, great Shapetalk serves to bend your time.