If chance is a law we have not described yet,
look first to who repeatedly proves the inverse.
Every human field of endeavor has a top percentile.
In each group, there are ALWAYS common factors used.
Those who lead the way are considered pioneers for cause.

If your eyes are not softened by the burdens of your sorrows,
lift your vision higher to the treats you'll find tomorrow
Answer to the voice you hear.
Don't pretend it's sound is not near,
nor that you predicate decisions on fear,
since it's life itself that feeds it,
with bright heights of what's much better,
Mother Time thought you'd agreed once to let her.
Look far beyond the present if your today is all so poor,
never let your rear get slapped by the slamming of that door,


Shortcuts Way of Living
Shapetalk and Shortcuts Shapetalk

Shapetalk & shortcuts, poetic EyeCandy, helping you get smarter each way,
each way, that is, that you choose to act, based upon what you learn today.
Imagine you having sufficient reason, no matter what it might happen to be,
to learn ten new facts about a narrow subject, in one hour, or even one day.
The question is not whether you can learn ten new facts, as we know you can.
The question is how many times you learn ten new facts, and in what time-frame?
Only those who imagine they can do this one hundred days in a row earn expertise.