Now And Tomorrow At The Shortcuts Way of Living

Ladies and bumblebees,
NOW is not synonymous with tomorrow.

MisterShortcut ardently, perfervidly, embraces a concept you can use,
a singular, provable reason for breaking many records while you don't:
Unlike you, MisterShortcut believes that "now" is not synonymous with "tomorrow."
The way that you spend your minutes is a clear preview of how you are spending your life.
The Shortcuts Way of Living urges you past "Carpe Diem" into the power of "Carpe Momentum"
This, too, is a delicious master secret of the universe accessible by YOU, as and when you wish.
The Shortcuts Way of Living cannot fail us. We can only fail to use the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Ignore those who tell why you cannot, so you can find some of the MANY ways you CAN.
There is at least one thing you claim to be great at. When do you get better at it?
Please accept assurances that your words have no value to us, including you,
until we obtain the inspiring privilege of seeing you do it one percent better.
In the Shortcuts Way of Living, the Longevity Zen of Health , and beyond,
what you do speaks so loudly that we can hardly hear a word you say.
Ford: "You can't build a reputation based on what you're going to do."
Now and tomorrow: NOT synonymous at the Shortcuts Way of Living.
Nor should you conflate the two within your Longevity Zen of Health .
Every day is a fresh opportunity to engage in mediocrity or in excellence.
If you believe in minutes, you get 1,440 minutes, or opportunities every day.
If you believe in seizing the moment, you get 86,400 of them every day you live.
As it is for all of us, your actions speak so loudly you need not flap your lips at us.
What you do speaks so loudly we hardly hear a word you say, so speak less, do more.
When we face someone head on, there is a definitive element of combat, of adversaries.
When you face someone, always align your right eye with theirs, lowering adversarial stress.
When we embrace the Shortcuts Way of Living, the Shortcuts Way of Living tends to reciprocate.
More than 1,000 discretionary minutes, every day, are your 1,000 discrete opportunities for excellence.
Your willingness to blame everything but the true cause of insufficient effort ceases with this wake-up call.
Never mind the rah-rah, read between the lines, because millions of these pages have magnificent shortcuts.
Stop asking yes or no questions, always offering two or more choices and asking which appeals the most, right?
You can enjoy the Shortcuts Way of Living yourself, or work for other people who repeatedly do so for themselves.
Ford said you cannot build a reputation based on what you are going to do. "Now" and "tomorrow?" Not synonymous.

This portion of the Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts Way of Living is titled, "The Shortcuts Way of Living,"