Back And Forth To School - How to inexpensively imitate a Shortcuts Way of Living devotee

As children, we had the best transportation to school that any humans could dream of.
These trips were so sumptuous, very luxurious, so giving to us, and still, with all that,
the round-trip to school, even when it was snowing, also taught us ENORMOUSLY,
our daily trips to and from school, seemingly tiny little moments, and yet huge,
looming large in who and what all of my parent's children have come to be!
Can you imagine gleaning entire portions of education from those trips?
Can you imagine thousands of individual lifts to our long-term health?
It is just as wonderful for everyone else who chooses to travel thus,

IF IF IF the children concerned have a mother who loves them.

No deadly toxic fumes, as buses give off, 50 lbs per minute.
No danger of crushing schoolchildren with deadly wheels.
So, we helped the environment, and even the economy,
earned thousands of individually large health benefits,
along with thousands of hours of quality family-time,
learned so much about nature, life, and each other,
all because Mom walked us to school each day,
until the day we finished elementary school.
Of course, you know better, with excuses.
My family, however, continues to give,
all of us, committed for our lifetimes,
to giving ninety percent of income,
as invisibly as we possibly can,
to help the utterly helpless.
Yet, all of us live nicely,
and all quite happily.
Do you know something,
that maybe we do not?

Embrace your Shortcuts Way of Living,
creating at least one percent improvement,
because you ARE the Shortcuts Way of Living,
in possession of all the tools needed for mastery,
a cybernetic machine of goal-oriented persistence,
one that already understands the value of persistence,
knowing that YOUR persistence always repays, and well,
knowing that knowledge of excellence is secondary to action.
Make today a Shortcuts Way of Living all-out effort for something.
Those who stand for nothing prove that they fall for most everything.
Those who do not write goals end up working for someone who does.
Go back and drink in, again and anew, all of the separate bits of wisdom.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is here to serve, as long as you serve yourself.
You AND your Shortcuts Way of Living get to serve others, enriching YOU.
Less talking, more doing, and you have your Shortcuts Way of Living.