Welcome to one and all who are interested in helping themselves.
No one can heal you or cure you, not in any literal sense of these terms.
That's important enough to be worth reinforcing: No human or drug can cure or heal you.
They can only help you to help yourself, to help your body do what comes most naturally.

Surely you'll agree that the more we learn, the longer we tend to live, with better decisions.
Here at the Longevity Zen of Health , our aim is to share the best information available to us,
identifying our weaknesses so we can turn them into strengths, a key to all of Life's successes.

It is only what you DO with what you know that has value, and you can spare fifteen minutes per day.
God forbid that you should ever need dialysis. If you did or perhaps already do,
you'd know that it's possible to set aside as much as several HOURS ,
even several times per week if you had to, just to keep you alive.
Learn more in order to live more. Think and live in advance.

Because our learning curve has increased so many times, you win,
with simple technologies allowing you to learn three facts per day.
Yes, with three facts per day, you only need 100 to 1,000 days.
World-class mastery is a matter of hits, not home runs.
Your doctor cannot state a thousand facts to you,
not about any particular segment of medicine.
So, when you learn, say, ten facts per day,
just imagine what happens, imminently.
Engage more of your shortcuts.
The best in you is waiting.
Answer the priority call,
from the hotline within.

Cute-Shortcut-Department of the Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health.
Cute shortcut that can save you time while also reaping you numerous secondary benefits,
since there are fewer chunks of wealth you can encounter in life better than regaining minutes.
The Shortcuts Way of Living only needs one line of your attention to perform a bit of advertising.
The product is, of course, you, so it's not about exchange of money. Remember to help the helpless.
The cute shortcut is the F11 button at the top of your keyboard. It removes time-sucking distractions.
Anything that dilutes your focus is a thief of your minutes - those that mean more at the end of life.
If developing wealth faster is your major focus, then this PowerGem must become a part of you.
Anything that distracts or in any way dilutes your "resolution focus" steals your minutes away.
The Shortcuts Way of Living only presents PowerGems that represent repeatable shortcuts.
More, they are the cream of the crop of all shortcuts, those of masters and champions.
So, from using F11 for theater-mode, to reducing your petty conversations, you win.
The Shortcuts Way of Living works just as you work the Shortcuts Way of Living.
So, too, does your longevity rely upon your own Longevity Zen of Health.
Learn three new facts today, speak a bit less, and do just a bit more.
Live the Shortcuts Way of Living, and live it with both hands.