Shapetalk For Succeeding Faster With The Shortcuts Way of Living

One of the names we have for the sun is Sol. Remember this for your life.
Seasonal, Organic, Local. They primarly decide how well if not how long you live.
This tiny statement is, without demur, one of the truest master secrets of the universe.
It proves true one hundred percent of the time, just like knowing in advance who will win a race.
Each spoon of sugar you eat burns whatever it touches, and sets off numerous chain reactions.
Because your problem is sub-clinical, meaning you are not sick enough for symptoms yet,
you idiotically think that you are immune to the perfect laws of life and science.
Every quarter-teaspoon of what is called corn syrup cancels all of your HCL.
Without HCL to disinfect your food, your food only sits and then rots.
Food goes in, food goes out. Non-food goes in and does not exit.
You have many pounds of wallpaper paste inside of you today.
There are only two ingredients to wallpaper paste, right?
Only flour and water are needed to make the paste.
Many pounds of that paste is lining your intestine.
Clean it out with water, good oil, and greens.
In thirty to one hundred days, you get wow.
This works 100 percent of the time for you.
Seasonal, and organic, and local. Got it?
What you say means so little to us.
It is what you do with knowledge,
that fascinates us into imitation.

Shapetalk of the universe, that teach us more, to waste much less,
Shapetalk from the universe, that reach us more, with a taste for the rest.
Shapetalk can guide you, shapetalk can hide you, all within the secrets,
the master secrets of your universe.

For the secrets of the universe,
the ones that prove to count,
are the secrets of the universe,
that carry you up, of that, there's no doubt.
Shapetalk unto Shapetalk, from the Shapetalk center here,
reveal master secrets of the universe, particularly for you, my dear.
Shapetalk of the universe, that preach to us more, that haste brings less,
and all the shapetalk of these secrets, which bring us to the truth that is deepest,
make smaller the climb we all must mind, in reaching the best, our own one-of-a-kind.