OF COURSE we recognize that many of these SweetDomains are worth plenty.
We have already rejected sweet offers on dozens of these choice domains.
The profit potential offered by each normally goes to very rich people.
We, however, believe in helping to even the playing field just a bit.
We all read stories of domainers buying at telephonic numbers.
That is good for wealthy investors, not for average folk.
Thus, we offer a SweetDeal for our SweetDomains.
Buy any 3 domains on this page for $3,000 total.
We will then select nine more of these domains.
We will transfer these SweetDomains, no charge.
We ONLY give away Top Level Domains, no exceptions.
The best way to help your wealth is for us to deliver the most.
Save the page just before you buy, the page changes sometimes.
We try to make sure that the gifts are related to subject of purchase.
If an immediately subsequent sale grabs some of your "related domains,"
we have a tendency to over-compensate with an unprecedented generosity.
Our goal is to be the biggest, BY being best, and most generous in every way.
That's no misprint: buy 3, get nine more at no charge, to help you build wealth.
Once you buy, we urge you to CashPark or Google Adsense. Do not sell names.
You only need to earn a dollar per day, average, per domain. Buy 1,000 domains.

Long before you get to that point, in months, usually, you will be independent.

We already see .info's going for big amounts, when they are useful domains.
Thus, we've acquired, and continue to, significant numbers of .info domains.

Better than those horrible mixed nuts that contain far too many peanuts,
.info's are money-makers, now and into the future: they say everything!
Many organizations and individual efforts are NOT looking to .com
They want to present information, and .info is now a full T.L.D.
The comparison to peanuts is made to .com's and .info's.
Our gifts are eighty to one hundred percent TLD's,
and, more bonus, half OR MORE are dot-coms.
Be sure that a portion of your new wealth,
boosted by our efforts on your behalf,
is invested into helping the helpless.
This will also multiply your wealth.
Please do not pretend to know,
not in the face of those who do.
Who does the most, wins most.
Use domaining to establish independence.

When  you earn your annual needs in a week or a month,
you have the freedom to live life with far more excitement,
because you will consistently move to what you most love.
When you do what you love repeatedly, you win most of all.
"Do what you love," he said, "and you will never work a day."

The biggest secret of domaining is the size of your keyword.
Not the size of the word itself, but its size on search engines.
So, three-word and four-word hyphenated domains are good,
boosting the revenue generated on your CashParked domains
Finally, study the best, because those who do best know best.
NEVER pay for a "course of study" because the best info is free.

Rather than you dipping into this well more than once, proselytize.
Buy once, make money, and then turn this on to someone deserving.
Please, please, ONLY recommend us to people likely to be charitable.
Our biggest goal is to develop your wealth so that you will share more.

The world is despicably tilted towards the wealthy. Technology equalizes.
Use your technology to help the ONE OF EVERY TWO PEOPLE suffering.
That's right: half of all living humans have little or no food or even water.
What you say means so little in the face of what you repeatedly do, hm?
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word that you say.
Domaining is a fantastic opportunity, like Forex, or detailing autos,
or a thousand other rich opportunities for you to develop wealth.
Wealth in the long run is measured far less by what you gather,
than by the amount that you are happy and able to give away.
As a purely nonprofit, our organization reaches out quietly.
TheSmileTrain, TheHungerSite, and so many others, too,
are all recipients of our silent, and selfish philanthropy.
It is selfish because it is one way to bribe one's way,
right past the pearliest of whatever gates we see.
As well, the more we give, the happier we get.
So, use domaining to get and share wealth.
You possess 1,000 discretionary minutes,
each day you are lucky enough to wake.
Let today be the today you take over.
Power is controlo your minutes.
Act like a master,  a champion,
and you will yield as they do.
One-conditionally guaranteed.
You must act upon what you know.
When you control your 1,000 minutes,
and act more towards what you most want,
the forces of the universe conspire with you.
Without fail or exception, the universe will help.
This secret works approximately 100% of the time,
for approximately 100% of the people who use it 100x.
ONLY buy domains that you can list three reasons to buy.
Prepare your mind for the greatest winning streak of your life.
It herein begins, and will continue, as long as you control time.