QVial: First on earth to instantly reset the body's biofield
The product of a lifetime, to last a lifetime, better, and stronger, naturally.
Having QVial at GV20 for 1/10th of a second makes every point test stronger.
QVials are comparable to acupuncture, but energizing all meridians at once.
Among the greatest inventions in history, QVials have many uses and benefits.
For example, the exactitude required of acupuncture is unnecessary with QVial:
The area affected by the QVial is several times what is needed for acupuncture.
QVials are easy: Portable supercharged paramagnetic & diamagnetic minerals.
Nothing we've seen has such high polarity, nothing comes close to the QVial.
Try it yourself on pain points, touch it to a plate of food then test the food.
Portable energy for what it comes in contact with, no need to believe!

  • The QVial resets the electrical system of any mammalian body.

  • Qvial contents are expected to last your lifetime, and far beyond.

  • Is there ANY better gift of life, or of love, we can give a loved one?

  • When your body's energy flow is right, nutrition is more bioavailable.

  • Even nutrition itself is secondary to the influence of your electric biofield.

  • Comparable to mudpacks, which exogenously chelate toxins: Safe, natural.

  • While QVial does NOT chelate anything, it does boost up the toxified area.

  • Every body cell connected to the point that QVial touches tests stronger.

  • This temporary biofield reset effect usually lasts at least 3 to 36 hours.

  • Is QVial-induced coherent energy flow worth more than diamonds?

  • Is your coherent energy flow more important than a diamond?

  • Many who suffer bone pain report rapid, simple pain relief.

  • QVial at GV20 suspends thousands of food sensitivites.

  • Every living cell it touches temporarily tests stronger

  • That includes organs, glands, tissue, and function.

  • Instantly testable, instantly proven, Lasts forever.

  • Among the greatest devices in human history.

  • Trains the body to erase food sensitivities.

  • Cannot be embedded or even irradiated.

  • Portable acupuncture, without needles.

  • Gift of a lifetime… for a better lifetime

More Delights of Qvials

If you manage to break the glass vial, just put the contents into another crystal glass vial - forever is forever
Even when custom-made in special vials some clients prefer, all shipments are out the door within 1-2 business days.

Each order is personally handled by a human, not a computer.   Call 1-888-6004-888 to order QVials

If you have questions about QVial, they are all answered on this page. Calls are to place orders, please.
If there is anything on this page you do not understand, you should learn more before buying QVials.
If you understand instantly testing stronger on any and every meridian in the body, ANY testing,
whether you use simple kinesiological testing, Contact Reflex Analysis, or QRA, or BDORT,
you might want to buy them by the pair, so what you do to the left side, also the right.
For example, your liver point, half-inch below and outside each of your nipples.
When you hold QVial on a liver point, your liver will test stronger.
You could be half-dead, God forbid, your liver will test stronger.
With two QVials, you can do both liver points simultaneously.
Nature loves balance: What we do to one, we do to the other.

When nutrition has better cell access, nutrition has many times the effect.
Every injury or trauma leaves metabolites that electrically inhibit nutrition.
This is not a theory, it is a proven principle of science, one we benefit from.
The Qvial contents instantly resets your body's entire electrical field, provably.

We can sell it by the ounce, we can sell it by the ton,
anyone who wants to reverse engineer it is welcome to their fun
Five staggering processes, discretely effective, and multiplied when combined,
so we believe it is no small effort for anyone on earth to make anything this powerful.

Reset your entire electrical field. No human in the world can disprove the perfectly provable!
Touch QVials to a plate and food and then see that the food will ALWAYS test distinctly stronger.

Test any gland, organ, or tissue before and after using the QVial. Every weak area will test stronger.
No weak area can possibly test weak after using Qvial. It rapidly makes every living cell test stronger.
Test any gland, organ, or tissue in the body. BDORT and QRA are proven one hundred percent effective.

Prove QVials in a single second, and for at least as long as any method devised by man, in mere seconds.
As a matter of fact, most of the powerful effects of the QVial can be achieved in as little as a single second.

One second. Indisputable proof. Any gland, any organ, any tissue, even functions that have identified body points.
Instant, and measurable, lasting from many minutes to many hours. Like portable acupuncture, without using needles.

This may be the single greatest health-related device in the history of the world, as long as they are "allowed" to be available,
the QVials are available so that we can use them on everyone in sight. What greater gift is there than a gift of such delightful power?

QVials are the gift of a lifetime, for a better lifetime...
the tool of a lifetime to last for thousands of years.

QVials are better than having Grandma kiss the boo-boo, even when Grandma has that magic healing kiss