Imagine a polymath investing 1,000 of their individually best minutes into you.
A polymath, as you know, can perform multiple functions at the same time.
Each of the 1,000 minutes invested in you have a unique commonality.
Without exception, each of 1,000 minutes must contain more effort.
The idea is to get better with each minute so as to boost totals.
Prepare yourself for news that should alter your life forever.
MisterShortcut invested 1,000 of those "best" minutes into you,
then repeated this investment into you, literally thousands of times.
One result is called the Shortcuts Way of Living, with universal shortcuts.
These shortcuts work in all known human efforts, and you cannot buy them.
You are not among the remarkably few humans who can afford to pay for them.
You may be surprised to note that these millions of pages have no shopping carts.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is not about gathering more wealth unto MisterShortcut.
It is about gaining the greatest dissemination of wealth in all of recorded human history.
Hidden right in plain sight/site, you will find the secrets you have always wondered about.
Fast-track success studying the cream of the crop, the best and brightest, who lead the way.
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, all know better than you how they do it.
Imagine reading a book or three each morning, long before breakfast, for fifteen thousand days.
Imagine developing a personal addiction to the science of learning how to shatter world records.
Imagine interviewing, breaking bread with, working for or with, five thousand of our best and brightest.
Imagine making the decision to invest one thousand of one's greatest lifetime minutes into getting better,
in each one of a hundred days, a thousand days, and then thousands of days of 1,000 of one's best minutes.
One result is, as expected, the shattering of more world records than a hundred Olympic champions, combined!
No one says you should break or shatter more world records or fewer world records, that's strictly for you to choose.
What IS expressed here is the certainty that there is something you love to do more than any other activity, hm?
That is the area proposed by the Shortcuts Way of Living for you to develop rapid, long-term mastery of.
In return for training certainly worth many, many tens of millions in cold cash, you agree to share it.
Half of your new wealth and health is earned by the Shortcuts Way of Living, and MisterShortcut.
Rather than enriching thousands of Shortcuts Way of Living shopping carts, help the helpless.
Not coincidentally at all, silent help to the helpless is also one of the great secrets of wealth.
Look beyond the EyeCandy, the ShapeLinks, RingWaves, at alia, to find your PowerGems.
The most prolific mind of all time aims to help you develop YOUR wealth and YOUR health.
Who accepts this Shortcuts Way of Living and Longevity Zen of Health coda is invited to enter.
All others are invited to continue believing that advertisers are truthful, and hospitals are healthy.