Shapetalk makes you happy, shapetalk yields that smile,
one so contagious, though you've known it not, this while.
Teach me all the Shapetalk, and the words between the lines,
where the way of Shapetalk wisdom, casts a spell serene, Divine.
There's just no way that man can say, how Shapetalk seems to find its way.
Shapetalk might be bumpy roads, and then Shapetalk might keep the circle closed,
and still when it's counted, that row got hoed, and proof is in the magic, just one part of the show.
When the answers and the questions get too blurry to be seen, in the focus of the moment, it will show itself agleam,
the solutions that you knew at once, prove inaction to hallmark the dunce...
and yet we hear you remonstrate, even as your actions never demonstrate,
that you possess the knowledge that will unbound your greatest sorrows.

Add to the Shapetalk magic, what we see and what we don't, if and but are words for then, when you really won't.
So, we've yet, to see you demonstrate, the Shapetalk deep inside you whatever form you make it take.
Shapetalk is a choice of laughter, shapetalk shows how much you matter,
when you care enough to let it on out, your soul inside shouting out.
Where is YOUR sweet shapetalk, where's the best we'll see in you,
will the druthers of the moment drown the best of all your truth?
What you do speaks so loudly, we don't need you to be heard.
your actions are so loud that we do not care to hear a word,

What you do shouts so loudly we need not have you heard,
your actions are so loud that we don't care to hear a word...

of the blatherskite you mumble, justifying lesser worth,
pretending that your actions are born of sweat and dirt.
What you do shouts so loudly we need not have you heard,
your actions are so loud you need not expose us to your word,
of excuses that you mumble, as to why your efforts are so humble,
and yet inventing that you crumble when your efforts prove to fumble.
We do not quit because we fail; we prove to fail the instant that we quit.
However annoying it is to admit, you are not immune to the forces of Nature.
No human has defeated gravity, not without tools and aids, resources and help.
No human has swum an hour underwater without external modification of capacities.
That is because your physical laws preclude certain events from happening by volition.
The greatest choice of all is the choice to pursue excellence in even our smallest actions.
Always duplicate the people who are doing it best, from cooking to cleaning to creating, too.
We see no evidence that thinking young is enough to keep your skin and appearance young.
For example, more than eight of every ten nonagerians of a thousand asked about it,
people who, living stronger for longer, get to teach us how to live stronger, longer,
uniformly cited daily intake of olive oil, oiling their bones and skin from inside out.
Now that research has proven conclusively that oil helps from your top to bottom,
it is easier to understand the wisdom of sharp people thriving in their nineties.
When we consider idiots who hold cell phones next to the heads of their kids,
people who eat white sugar, and white flour, on a regular and not rare basis,
when you count those who have excuses for eating deadly, deadly fast foods,
we can see some three of every four people being obese, or dying of something.
Which are you? You have a better sense of your own Longevity Zen of Health?

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