The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life is about to shock you.
Perhaps most inordinate is that you are charged no fee.

Each and all of the secrets of success are herein revealed.
By arriving here, you have begun your single greatest journey.
Today begins the best, longest winning streak of your life to date.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is filled with truth you have not known,
facts of life that will alter most every working facet of your life experience..
This includes wisdom not found in ancient books alleged to contain all wisdom.
Some of the lesser axioms are understandably distorted by the greedy, the selfish.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is about un-doing some of that damage with better information.
Excellence cannot be repeated accidentally. Have you, in fact, ever seen accidental excellence once?
The equal and exact opposite of never is always. Since life offers few unexceptional truths, modify extremism.
Begin the Shortcuts Way of Livingby trimming the edges off of everything you think you know or believe.
This one shortcut is a PowerGem, universal shortcut that works in most every arena; most, not all.
Because the exceptions do not apply in your life, nor will they except in rare circumstances,
you may literally increase your I.Q. and intelligence in the next sixty seconds, by choice.
You persist in taking new information and comparing it to what you know. That's foolish.
You are wise to take new information and determine where it goes without your opinion.
Only those who view both sides of a coin are able to see the third, perhaps better side.
If you are pro-abortion, spend sixty seconds developing arguments against this action.
If you are anti-abortion, spend sixty seconds developing arguments to support the act.
Remembering that if you knew better you would surely do better, this is from those who do.
The masters and the millionaires, the champions and in some occasions the billionaires; they know.
For each of the many dozens of world records shattered by MisterShortcut, there was first a pioneer,
a trailblazer who did it first, leading the way for every single living human to match or exceed, by choice.
The Shortcuts Way of Living invites you to get one percent better every day for one hundred days in a row.
Without known exception, you are assured of becoming world-class, or far closer to it than you have of now being.
If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, maybe you're spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse.
Having broken or shattered or established so many world records, I swear and affirm that the power is transferable.
Having done so much better than you, I've proven to know so much better than you. It is time to alter your reality.
From this minute forwards, you think of days as separate sets of 1,440 minutes per set. Each one is important.
Each is one set closer to your last. Logically, each succeeding set of minutes grows more vital than the last.
The certain way to prove you have sufficient intelligence to understand this beyond just mimicking the words,
wherein you impress us with the actions that supercede all of the words you may think to form and offer,
the best way to transfer my intelligence and insight to you, is to begin trimming your "stupid" minutes,
minutes you've used for activities, most often petty conversations, that have zero profit for any of us.
Every set of 1,440 minutes, minus the four hundred or so that you think you need for sleep, etc.,
must be used in such a way whereby you can claim 1,000 minutes of excellence in each set.
Every one hundred days, you prove and yield double what you did in the last one hundred.
This is a magically effective path to mastery at any and every human activity you name.
Excellence is determined less by your production than by the efforts that underlie it all.
Do you know you will save 100,000-plus precious minutes refusing to form opinions?
How would and will you use a refunded one hundred thousand minutes, if not more?
What will happen when you realize other one-hundred-thousand-minute chunks?
Stop telling us what you can do. You have 1,440 chances to prove it just today.
Become one of the most powerful humans alive when you practice this secret.