Empowering Shortcuts

Empowering shortcuts ripe upon the vine,
demanding to be plucked with the passage of time.

Empowering shortcuts all around
more than enough to get you to town.
Marry and carry each PowerGem with joy,
remember they're more than complimentary toys.
Empowering shortcuts work best when used,
and always work best when used by you.
Empowering shortcuts rushed by time,
pluck them fresh from yonder vine.
Empowering shortcuts to the end,
all for you, this means to send,
YOUR empowering shortcuts.

Think About It Poem - Different Answers, Different Endings

In all that we see of what cannot be known,
the ways of sweet women are quite wild.
Piqueing at blunder, peeking at wonders
clear direction determinedly certain,
ever beguiling without really trying,
rarely beguiled by blandishments mild.

Perplexed teachers reaching, preaching for knowledge,
knowing that few parents care;
the date and the time and place say it all
your name yet inscribed on the ultimate wall.

What you do speaks so loudly that we cannot quite care
what you force us to hear; what you need to share.
WHAT YOU DO TELLS US, no need to remind us,
deciding and oft hiding just how you might charm us.
Your actions do not match the clash of your words,
where developing worlds get cursed for the worse.

The only inscription in the sands of time,
that climbs higher than vanity's flightless harm,
is the still-growing knowing that the sun will climb,
that champions and leaders still rise and shine.

All that you say and all that you do,
too often are cancelled by neutral truths,
These deeds speak so loudly no one can hear,
the words and the protests of what you hold dear.

All that you did and all that you do
are all that we need or care of for you.

All that wish enough to prove
are teachers of our best eternal truths.
All that you're tough enough to rue
are all we need,and can say of you.
All that you've done and all that you do,
will ripple or cripple long past your truths.

So nip at your stipple of bridling pride;
Make sure that you smile, warmly or snide.
Blown aside for the ride, or amidst, astride
blown by the winds of fortune and chance,
subject to the whims of those who wear pants.

Determine to find your way through the door,
this is the day you draw to the fore.

Salt of the earth you may yet prove to be,
showing a glowing of coping and hoping.

Let the stars sparkle, in colorful bursts,
you must not allow them to do their worst.
Stand up and shout, use what you've got,
Jump your voice loud, and you'll see what's what.
The world will hear you crystal clear
when you do it again without little fear

Climb into time to take your place,
Glowing righteously on thy face.
Brighter, and brighter
let the sun shine
you're the fix for all wrongs,
so we'll hear your song.

let your voice ring forth with what you see wrong,
let it ring louder with the sound of your joys,

All that is good rises from the earth,
your answers are found in where you find worth.
You had it, you have it, you shall for all time,
the answer, my child, in your mirror's eye.

All that you say and all that you do
are just what we need to know of you.
Look again now, this is history's time,
take your place standing up, speaking but truth.

The cycle goes round with conceited deception
trolling your pride to hide fair inspection
If you stopped to look at what's worked before,
you'll find that you knew it all along.

Turn off, turn off, there's power afoot,
when idle minds capture a glance,
this cycle went well, from the daughter of madness,
delighting us through the final dance.