Shortcuts Shapetalk Poem - Shortcuts Way of Living Poetry Collection

Shortcuts for you and shortcuts for me,
shortcuts continue to shape our history
Shortcuts from the heart, shortcuts forthe hearland,
you will find that shortcuts get you there much faster,
such as learning to use two hands when you apply plaster.
When you buy food prepared by some other person,
that's a shortcut you are using, friend,
and it's time you learned this lesson.

Whatever you do, whatever you reach for, someone else has almost certainly done it before.
By observing & imitating those who do achieve it first, best, and repeatedly, you have your map.
That map empowers you - more, it self-empowers you, to achieve more with less time and effort.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is already alive and inside of you, rich with your greatest shortcuts.
There are shortcuts for you, there are shortcuts for me, shortcuts enough to write a better history.
Things may look tough, some times are tough, so use more of your shortcuts, to achieve enough.

Me Shortcuts Shapetalk

Me shortcuts, me shortcuts, that's what we're here for,
because me shortcuts prove well what we all did before.
Me shortcuts are good, me shortcuts are great,
me shortcuts help us all to finely accelerate.
The shortcuts for me, that work best of all,
are the shortcuts that help me get over the wall:
The walls and obstacles that we trouble to overcome,
so please do not believe that shortcuts are overdone.
Shortcuts still work for you, shortcuts still work for me,
when all is said and done, shortcuts are me own fine history.

NEVER give heed to those who tell you it cannot be done, because it cannot be done by THEM.
Every great achievement by every human, great or small, was achieved with shortcuts, one and all.
The Shortcuts Way of Living urges you to make the fullest use possible of all me great shortcuts.