Minor conversations cost you far more than you have ever counted.
When did you last look at your own totals, in the hundreds of thousands?
That's right: hundreds of thousands of stupid minutes that you could be doing.
This is just from the many petty conversations you still use to stall your excellence.
Trim even ten seconds from each unproductive conversation, immediately, get paid fast.
It is impossible for this incredible shortcut to fail; you can only fail to implement it repeatedly.
One simple shortcut, used every day, and you free up hundreds of thousands of your minutes.
Above and beyond everything else, use each of your PowerGems repeatedly.

Raise your expectations from the inside out, this minute, not next.
Every time you do you produce better results. This is a magnificent PowerGem of life.

If you knew better, you'd do better, true?   Listen to those who do and are.

You remember something about the mouth of the horse? Grandpa knew that score.
He'd say, "Get it from the horse's mouth, or get caught at the wrong end of the horse."

The Shortcuts Way of Living is YOUR Shortcuts Way of Living,
where the Godfather of Shortcuts uses interactive fun to promote your success.
Showing us what you can do is so much more impressive than telling us what you can do.
Do you understand that you've only achieved the tiniest fraction of why you are here at all?
With several million unpaid minutes of superlative focus building the Shortcuts Way of Living
here's proof right in front of your eyes of the power and fruit of using great shortcuts.

When is it your turn to enjoy a better life?

Using any one or two of the PowerGems within the Shortcuts Way of Living, repeatedly,
is guaranteed to produce faster and better results for you.   Let's do it, hm?

The Shortcuts Way of Living is a part of the mother of all websites,
the Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires.
Free for your life, Mr Shortcuts hopes you find
at least some of the thousands of hidden treats
spread throughout hundreds of thousands
of unique web pages created for YOU
by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
the Godfather of EyeCandy,
Mr Shortcuts

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If you have gone through the programs and CD's and more,
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The great news is that the Shortcuts Way of Living is already in you.
As a child you were trained, knowingly or not, to accede or to repeatedly persist.
Because you are able to recognize this, you get to use it as a thinking, effective adult.
One change. One shortcut. One improvement in any one or more of your repeated daily efforts.
WHAT DO YOU REPEAT MANY TIMES PER DAY? That's the place to start, instantly.
With nothing more and nothing less than deciding to do it better, you rise.
Excellence is nothing more and nothing less than an accumulation.
If you are going to repeat a given action a dozen times today,
count out, right now, how much of a difference you make.
One percent improvement, repeated one hundred times,
means far more than double where you started.
If you knew better, you would do better.
Now you know better, so show better.
This is your time, this is your place,
Shh. Use the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
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It's free for your life.

Shortcuts Way of Living and the Shortcuts Way of Living,
designed to be your wealthiest and healthiest websites,
are literally rich with our healthiest shortcuts to Longevity and wealth.

They've been constructed and crafted, produced, delivered and promoted for YOUR excellence,
for the development of at least some of the ninety-nine-plus percent you are not using.
Can you memorize ten numbers, as in a phone number? Print a copy of the number Pi.
Naturally, you might not want to print out all one trillion-plus digits of known Pi.
Whether you print a thousand or a hundred, you can learn ten. We know that.
We know that because you know at least one phone number, with area code.
That's ten digits for each number. So, go ahead and learn just ten digits.
By the time you have memorized ten sets of ten, that's one hundred.
This puts you into the top one percent of all the thinkers on earth.
You can 'cheat' by reciting just ten numbers aloud, to memorize.
Isn't that funny? A simple trick, and you become world-class.
To your great benefit, Pi memorization expands your mind.
When you stretch your mind, your answers are far better.
Brilliance is the ability to provide better resolutions.
Brilliance is the ability to resolve challenges, hm?
Each human has challenges to resolve in our life.
Thus, the skill of resolving challenges is great.
How do we get better, quickly, with power?
You can do this by memorizing Pi digits.
You can do it thousands of other ways.
Stretch today to benefit in this day.
Shhh. Less talking, more doing.
Squeeze one more percent.
Then you'll know magic.

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3,100,000+ superlative minutes of one human being, aiming to create the most gorgeous website of all time.

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Welcome to the Shortcuts Way of Living of Masters, Millionaires, Champions, and Billionaires.

What's extra magnificent about the Shortcuts Way of Living is that you can jump in anywhere, anytime.
Have fun interacting with thousands of variations of thousands of effects!   Whew!
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