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If several buildings burn and the flames stop at the temple, you say, "Oh, Thank the Lord, it's His Miracle." Please don't bother explaining how you think that the Great One would value a temple over a human residence. Of course, when the temple does burn, you say, "Oh, it was His Will."

Stop blaming the Almighty. He rarely sticks his fingers into the human pie. He gave us a wide variety of gifts, from one hundred and seven million separate lenses in each eyeball and the hundred million rods and cones to reflect and refract visual images in order for your brain to make more than a hundred decisions, who consistently outproduce those around them - thanks to shortcuts. Every quarter of a secondů to the world's most magnificent engine, pumping 32,000,000 times every year through hundreds of thousands of feet of sophisticated tubing. We were issued the powers of Persistence, Observation, and more than any other creature on earth, the life-changing power of Choice.

Your religious practices are measured in the eyes of the Almighty only after your human practices tell Him, and the world, and the face in the mirror, just who and what you are.

As with every human on the planet, your words are drowned out by the roar of your actions. You make a big deal of a plane crashing into a mountain with 140 souls aboard, and spend countless millions on the aftermath. You should only care so much about the 200 children every week, killed by illegal gunfire (1400 of those brutal child-deaths take place in the United States alone). You would do a heaven or a hell of a lot better getting all worked up about a thousand young children every hour dying of that oh-so-horrible disease called starvation, or malnutrition. Every single one of those children had value ... unto that painful moment of release from such victimization of greed.

Your life would be richer the moment you stop politicians from micturating eighty million dollars and uncountable man-hours hounding a president's sexual quirks or activities; or preventing true morons in the federal government from spending a million dollars retrieving JFK, Jr's dead body out of the water just to bury him at sea 24 hours later, or telling Senators and Representatives that it's time for them to pick up the million-dollar per month tab for their unnecessary cell phones... paid for by your personal taxes. Your life would be richer because these officials will understand that it's time to invest those dollars into health care, and children's education.

This very day will find you using at least half of your awesome powers doing selfish things that benefit mostly you, or doing unselfish things which benefit others (which doubles back to provide you with even more benefits than the selfish acts). These actions on this very day are almost the only things truly previewed, reviewed, and rated by the Architect of the Universe.

Once again, you are reminded: Don't tell us what you believe, we already know based on what you do on a regular, repeated basis. 200 bones, 2000 moving parts, a unique combination of seed meeting egg in a one of four hundred billion billion possible combinations. You already have a reputation in your neighborhood. The odds are, you've earned that reputation.

If you're pleased with your repute, stay the course and keep doing what you're doing. This is success. Should you be one of the 8 in every 10 people who wish they had more respect from people in at least one area of life, you are urged, with the utmost energy of discourse, to close your mouth, open your eyes and ears, and invest no less than 15 minutes every day of your life putting everything you've got into that one area of life you most desire respect or excellence in.

This is inarguably the single fastest, most effective way to get anything that a typical human being could want. For those who are untypical, you're probably already proving it. For those who believe they're untypical and NOT proving it, there are just two basic choices: continuing believing, ergo deceiving yourself with no action, or get out there and prove it to all of us.

Feed someone today who's hungry. Shut up and feed someone today who's hungry. You be the judge of which kind of hunger you want to resolve today. Hush up and do it. Do it enough times, people quickly see you doing it. This builds your repute, feeds hungry people, and encourages those who see you to be more like you. Our actions speak so loudly we need not say a word. The rest is chocolate icing on the cake; so if you bother doing it, you are guaranteed to reap the best possible earthly and heavenly results by doing it with Simcha.

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  Remember 911day.     Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   
  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  

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