Can You Imagine Doubling Your Skill Level At Nearly Everything You Do?

With more than a thousand opportunities every day, called minutes,
are you intelligent enough to suspend your previous notions of time?
When you adopt one percent as your own, fully, you win everything.

The Shortcuts Way of Living is filled with useful wisdom that is new to you.
This one tiny change will quickly and forever increase your total results.
It is one of the fastest ways to become a millionaire in a defined period,
inarguably among the fastest ways to developing any world-class skill.
Of all the greatest secrets to success, this has been used the most.
Everything you do will improve, from the moment of decision.
Cut away from any other possibility: no more mediocrity.
Stop telling us how much you know; better to show it.
A thousand minutes means a thousand opportunities.
Since you have to experience the thousand minutes,
instantly decide to experience it one percent better.
That's all, one percent better. Do the math, Einstein.
One percent increases are tiny, and easily achieved, right?
When you add up one thousand increases of just one percent,
you will find that everything in your world doubles and changes.
There is no human on earth who has ever lived who is immune to this.
I have the immense good fortune to read four to five hundred books per year.

Unless you opt to read a book or two per day for 14,800 days, heed he who has.

All of the greatest minds in history are universal in perceiving this secret of success.
For reasons that may never be known, none of them have expressed it quite this way.

The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life does not bring you new information; only crunched wisdom.
One percent is easy, one percent is immediate and yet unfailing, one percent is your way.
Without pretending to understand why our great ancestors have never stated this clearly,
the power of one percent, repeated one thousand times in a day, extended by 1,000 days,
is better than a one-time fat check sent to you, because one percent yields repetitively.
As many times as you want to bring any of your skills to world class, it is that simple.
I have broken or shattered many world records because of this one success secret.

Whatever you do in life repeatedly, this is the place to begin your one percenters.

Whether you take ten days or a hundred days to go up one percent 1,000 times,

the few of us who can do it without spending profit end up with 1,000x more.

FACT: Anything you increase one percent a thousand times will yield 1,000x.
You are invited to develop world-class mastery in one hundred days or less.

Anything you do 100 days in a row, always increasing, yields you mastery.

Even if you need to master brain surgery, one hundred facts is a big start.
This is the beginning of the greatest, longest winning streak of your life.

It always begins by trading your opinions to those who do best of all.
Unless, of course, you know more than those who do it best of all,
those most entitled to be considered the mouth of the horse,
masters and millionaires, and champions and billionaires.
If you are not getting it from the horse's mouth,
maybe you are spending too much time at,
well, the wrong end of the horse, hm?

Join the world’s greatest circle of winners,

children and cousins, friends of the Shortcuts Way of Living.

those who know more, show more, do more, give more, and thus live more.

The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life will help you get wealthier than you’ve ever imagined.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced – at least 1,000,000 pages are interchangeable.

Since the knowledge stored in me is that of everyone you know added together,

you are indisputably assured of benefiting from imitating those who do best.

One of the beautiful joys of the Shortcuts Way of Living is the immutability.

These shortcuts are the province of masters, millionaires, and champions.

Ask a billion people a hundred times each and you become a billionaire.

If you can’t yet ask a billion, ask one hundred more than you are now.

These are PowerGems, the indisputable superstars of all shortcuts.

PowerGems work just about one hundred percent of the time,

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Naturally, the faster you finish each set of one hundred,

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This percentage spirals upwards with each round.

Hush. Less opining, less talking, more doing.