The Shortcuts Way of Living is aiming to be among your healthiest websites, constructed for you by the prolific Mr-Shortcut    

Let's put whatever is out of balance
... back in line... naturally.
MisterShortcut with the best health site in sight
What works better than thirty years of success?
If you know, you'll have to share it.
Until then, heal yourself naturally
with technology and time-proven natural remedies.

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For the very healthy... and the very unhealthy

For those with major medical issues, never make major medical decisions without consulting with experts. ALWAYS get your active information from experts, including information from top-notch internet resources.

The past is dead and gone. You have more options today, more access to better, healthier information,
and when it comes at no charge, the underlying credibility is higher than for those getting rich from misery.

That's the primary root of why the Shortcuts Way of Living was created:
with the advent of the internet, the greatest leveler in Mankind's history,
you deserve to have more information at your disposal with which to make better decisions.

If your health has not responded to "conventional" treatment,
if your doctors have not successfully diagnosed whatever ails you,
if you are smart enough to take steps now to extend the quality and quantity of your life,
call Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, for your Bodyscan appointment. Prepare for excellence.

As great as Dr. Cohen has proven to be, the excellence will in fact come from your own body and mind.
Yes, the technology and the supplements are top-notch tools for helping us to return to healthy balance.
Still, it is your body, your system's natural functions, that will physically accomplish the healing.
David Cohen has been helping people to help themselves naturally for more than 30 years.
No drugs, no surgery, no invasive procedures: just technology and timeless remedies.
Remember that no one can cure you or heal you; no drug or surgery can heal you:
these can only help you to heal yourself, naturally.  Time has prois.
Dr. Cohen believes that there are no existing allopathic pharmceuticals,
not even an 'over-the-counter' drug, that can hope to work as well,
nor even as safely, than your timeless natural medicines.
When combined with the use of advanced technology,
there is just no comparison for successful help.
In almost every case you are sure to find,
as Dr. Cohen has, that natural is safer.

Natural medicines cost less,
in more than just money.

(718) 972-1616
24 hours per day