Special Powers of the Shortcuts Way of Living?

Every child dreams of having special powers.
These thoughts on not based on mere idle wishes.
If you like pertinent quotations, here's one to look up:

"Everything that the mind of man can conceive, and believe, he will achieve."

Special powers are the result of choice, not birth.

When do you engage special powers you now have?
When do you allow those who know better to teach you?
When do you comprehensively grasp the power of shortcuts?
When you do see that great shortcuts turn your wishes into reality?
The wishes of a child seeking special powers empowers a new reality.
Every human is given several special powers, powers that are rarely used.
Incredibly, we can see but two times when you fully use your special powers.
Emergencies, and those things most desired, are when you engage these powers.
Crisis situations and what you desire the most are inevitably subject to these powers.
The overlap you get to employ, with near-magical precision, is the act of identification.
From the time you identify your special powers, this is when they engage to your benefit.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is an effort to help you develop the special powers within you.
The Shortcuts Way of Living does not - cannot - use these powers for you: they are volitional.
Start on any page of the Shortcuts Way of Living, any PowerGem at the Shortcuts Way of Living.

Any and every page has useful information to help you to help yourself, empower you to empower yourself.
Begin to repay the Shortcuts Way of Living by feeding those around you who cannot feed themselves.
Special powers consistently devolve to those who engage the special task of helping the helpless.
The more silently you do so, the faster and more profoundly will your special powers develop.

Feed starving children. This the the first and last way of the Shortcuts Way of Living.