This is a MrShortcut production for a gentleman I believe is named Jim Stallings,
who's been caught red-handed in the act of excellence...
demonstrating calm in the face of potential crisis - the kind of person we need more of. What a great and curious mind you have - click for your treat

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Although rather far away, I've been following developments at PE. Despite the decision to place eggs in many baskets, a whopping 41 of my 989 sites are at PE, more than any of my 216 hosts. The manner in which you comport yourself in forums, and your attitude, is the reason you're offered the following information.

Jim, I've interviewed or broken bread with more than 5,200 masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires for 14 years now. People like you tend to rise to the top in the 88 to 100 months following their fortieth birthday. It's a fact, and hasn't changed for at least 19 decades in a row! Many thousands of examples of this, for one reason: RESOLUTION FOCUS!! Instead of focusing on what's wrong, you're focusing on preventing its reoccurence. You have any sisters you need to marry off? lol

Your idea is entirely uncomplicated, and the simplest description of technique is brought to you by the fellow who pioneered this on hundreds of huge websites. I'm sending it in recognition of mutual interest in success at PE, the fact that you're not a crybaby, and your initiative in wanting MULTIPLE solutions to prevent reoccurence.

1) From this moment, every web page you have must have a phrase that is both relevent and unique to you. Let's say it's "Dream of Home Ownership."

2) After all pages on the site are completed, copy and paste it somewhere else. This is Mirror Site 1. Now open up every page at once (cute html is pretty good at handling over a hundred at a time. Maybe some of you know of others - if so, please tell, please tell).

3) Using find and replace, change every example of "Dream of Home Ownership" to "How to Buy Your Own Home" or "Secrets of buying a home with no money down."

Surely you can think of ten such phrases. Even if you have to put them in tiny letters at the bottom of the pages, no problem, just make sure they are not hidden, search engines will ban you.

If you use < b > AND AND AND < strong >, search engines automatically give it a tiny bit more weight. BONUS: if you do it by placing these phrases in Headers 1, 2, and 3, the pages are more cogent, easier to absorb, and the search engines will milk your toad with blessings, whatever that means, :chinese: Seriously, you'll zoom to top rankings. Respectfully, you're getting this from the horse's mouth.

That's pretty much the ball of wax. What MrShortcut did was change NOT every one the same way, instead, varying every three or four occurences of his key phrases. By hitting the N and R buttons In The Shortcuts Way of Living "FIND AND REPLACE MENU of cute html, you can zip through even a hundred different versions of the same page.

After you've replaced five or six phrases, change to another phrase, say, "Buying your own home with other people's money," and replace it every third or fourth occurence in the pages.

4) Use your magic phrases in TITLE, DESCRIPTION, meta tags for both abstract AND page-topic, and then make sure they are the first and last statements of the page.

Type "healthiest website" into any search engine and you'll see the life-changing power of this astonishing shortcut. For the Shortcuts Way of Living, the magic phrases included "masters and millionaires shortcuts, leaders and repeat winners shortcuts" and then "shortcuts of masters and millionaires," and so forth to the tune of dozens of keywords and phrases, including "911day tributes" or just "911day." These sites are not IN the top twenty, they're most of the top 100, or at, 891 out of the top 1000, including all 236 of the top 236 last time I looked last month. This has been brought to you to keep me from thinking of all the children NOT being fed from our 40 or so PE sites. It's all Shannon's fault for NOT having a millionaire grandpa who could supply his technology needs more generously. Hope you're smart enough to make use of the magic shortcuts.

Finally, forget the thousand dollar submission programs and services, they are ALL supernumery --- even without <"index, follow,"> google and inktomi will find you, which feeds some 70+ percent of all the great search engines directly or indirectly. Do not try this at home without a qualified attendant standing by with emergency reserves of cocoa, Bailey's Irish Cream, and band-aids to protect your toes from banging the desk in delight when you see what happens. A few, just a few of the keyphrases that support every word you've just read: Masters and Millionaires millionaires shortcuts eyecandy shortcuts billionaires shortcuts champions shortcuts success shortcuts shortcuts of millionaires shortcuts of billionaires (etc., etc) healthiest website 911day and to poke fun at self, greatest doctor on earth MrShortcut MisterShortcut

Jim, there are three primary reasons many companies paid so much money for shortcuts like the one above:

A) The day my mentor told me to shut up and double my speaking fee from $300, the huge size of my balls allowed my ego to accept the fact that the advice came from a man who's net worth was two to three thousand times more than my own, and that, however crazy it was to think that people would pay me so much, it was coming from someone smarter: a self-made multimillionaire known to tens of thousands of people in his industry (among other things, he invented the concept of "free alarms" for a three-year contract and personally sold four thousand of them in the process of hiring hundreds of others to do it for him).

Since my ego still believed it was insane to do such a thing, I went further. When Canon USA called me, I asked for $1200... and got it. It only took fourteen more months for me to understand what my mentor had been saying, and that was the day I began charging $3500 for 100 minutes of 100 shortcuts delivered with electricity and a money-back guarantee of defined results within 24 hours.

In four years that I spoke "shortcuts" all day and all night, in my sleep, during sex, and even while playing chess, guitar, piano, computer, etc, no one ever asked for a refund. It is smart to only promise 70 percent of what you'll deliver, so when you deliver more than you promised, people will fight to do business with you again. Lee Iaccoca was kind enough to teach me that the ultimate salesman is not the guy or gal who makes the sale, because ANYONE can talk their way into a sale when desperate enough. The ultimate salesman is the one who gets repeat business. I remember that afternoon very well, because I doubled my weekly income on that very day, and never looked back. For reasons we'll never know, the same second and minute that he said those words, I realized that the one who gets repeat business.... is the one who delivers more than promised *(NATIONAL AVERAGE COST OF Acquiring A NEW CUSTOMER: $188...... NATIONAL AVERAGE OF Keeping A CUSTOMER HAPPY: $24)

You and I will never meet, so I'm trusting your intellect to recognize that this is not shared with you to impress you so much as to impress UPON you the message that took me fourteen months to learn. He wasn't telling me to double my price. He was trying to make me understand that the world will pay me just what I ask, in terms of money, excellence, inspiring others to work hard for a common goal, and that it's not the world that determines my worth, it's the guy I saw this morning in my bathroom mirror.

That mentor told me two years ago that he would have cut me off had I merely doubled my fee. He wanted me to see that the world pays us as we tell it to. Since it's unlikely that someone will insist on paying Jim even one penny more than he asks, there is only rare reason for you to accept even a penny less.

B) My obsessive focus has always been on resolution. No time for anger. Too busy feeding folks and recording original compositions and meeting fantastic new women and eating at least one bite of every delicious food on earth, and continuing an a thousand day habit of reading at least one book. Your post this morning was the third time you were observed to make a statement that was forward-looking, rather than the more typical coign of vantage we can safely expect of people, causing you to stand out again as a man of hunger. Young man, if you never remember any secret of success, I perfervidly hope you will remember that when we have a chocolate chip cookie recipe, we have the guaranteed ability to duplicate the cookie. When we read the hunger between the lines of your forum posts, it's exciting to see a champion in the making, because never once, in all of human history, in no possible or recorded human activity, has an honest race ever gone to ANY MAN OR WOMAN who is not the single hungriest person in the race.

NOTE: On the day that Mr. Iaccoca dropped that huge PowerGem on me, I'd just printed and posted above my desk a sign that reads, "The way I spend my minutes is a preview of how I am spending my life." To drive this home to you, I offer you Ruby's Ruby #4: "THE HUNGRIEST SONOVABITCH ALWAYS WINS THE RACE."

Talent is rarer than any product you'll ever touch, Jim. Imagine a black kid, a BLACK kid, for cryin' out loud, that: AFTER he got laughed out of his junior high tryouts for missing 10 out of 10 shots, and then 10 out of 11 shots, it took him one year to get onto his team, GOT KICKED OFF THE TEAM A YEAR LATER FOR BEING SUCH A LOUSY PLAYER, then in high school struggled up the ladder of success, because he knew with a certainty that how he was spending his minutes was a preview of how he was spending his life.

Should you think that this is an apocryphal tale please call or write to Michael Jordan, His Airness, the ultimate player of all time, and ask him whether or not his three-year struggle resulted in him getting booted off the team for poor shooting. Ask nicely, and he'll surely tell you, as so many of our masters and millionaires, leaders and repeat winners are happy to do. By copying the precise words and actions of those I've admired the most, including His Airness, we are assured of duplicating or near-duplicating their results, just like a chocolate chip cookie.

C) The third, perhaps most important thing these companies feel is worthwhile has been my ability to smell a winner a mile away. As stated above, you and I will not meet anytime soon, and I have no more business interests, only feeding hungry children and those adults who are too stupid to feed themselves. This is my life and my love, so the seventeen minutes I've invested dictating and double checking this note to you cannot have any personal motivation beyond what you see: the fellow who has shattered search engine paradigms and internet records, an acknowledged expert is finding those seven in every one hundred who always end up in the top seven percent, has caught you red-handed in the act of dealing with "crisis" in a thoroughly acceptable and agreeable manner.

Towards that end this is sent to you. Please do not eink of responding. I don't want to hear a word. I hope to look in on you perhaps one year from today to learn that I was correct in seeing a hungry young man who could tell you instantly the three driving forces in his life, his absolute one-year goals, and his daily actions to make it happen... or mistaken. Whether you are a winner or a loser, a hero or a hooker, will never be revealed to us by your claims, statements and asseverations. As it is with every human who breathes, what we do, and in this case, what YOU do, will be speaking so loudly we won't hear a word you say.

With no desire to offend anyone or say anything politically incorrect, they teach me that the world is made up of those who let things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who make things happen. Committed to shortcuts, I've whittled it down to two people: superstars and shitheads; nothing in between. My lady friend agrees with my assessment of you, and she's no slouch in her field. In plain English, we'd like to see over time whether you are a superstar or a shithead. That's why we ask for no response, because few people on this planet actually care about what you know; they care about what you DO with what you know, hm?

May this time next year find you neck-deep in smiles and fulfillment. May you identify that very special, very best minute of your life in which to show us that your childhood fantasies are your adulthood daily actions.

Let's close with a quote from a man who, when asked, "Mr. Redstone, you had little formal education as a youngster. To what do you attribute your success?"

He responded immediately, "Luck." Astounded, I asked, "Luck? Mr. Redstone, you just wrote a billion-dollar check to buy Paramount Movie Studios, and it's understood you're about to sign one for seven billion dollars to buy every Blockbuster Video store in existence, and you're telling me luck?!! Are you joking?"

Jim, you could hear the huge grin in his voice when he said, "I never joke about success. All of my success is due to luck, provided you understand that LUCK is just an acronym for
Laboring Under Correct Knowledge."

With that undestanding, we wish you good luck. For 1 Shortcut

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