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Mr_Shortcut is thoroughly pleased to welcome you to This particular section of the world's largest website.
This piece of the Shortcuts Way of Living is called " Shortcuts Way of Living "
More astonishing is that these hundreds of thousands of pages have all been created...
pro bono and quietly by one pair of hands -- empowering you to empower yourself!

Imagine creating something with one thousand of your very best minutes,
and then repeating those minutes... each day... for eleven years.
All to help you to help yourself with magnificent shortcuts.
Shortcuts so powerful, so proven by masters & champions,
that you yourself are assured of accelerated results.
Move closer to success when you're clear on desire.
If you don't know precisely what it is you want,
you're likely to end with something you don't.
Be clear on what you want, compress it well,
and then ask one hundred people or more.
Make sure you ask each one repeatedly.
Ask seven times-plus if it's necessary,
because most of all your "yeses,"
from the cradle up to the grave,
come AFTER you ask six times.
It's a great fact of your life,
therefore it's a shortcut.
Use it today; and now.
Obtain better results,
and rather quickly.
It's guaranteed.

It is impossible to learn less about anything, including yourself.
Learning more has a wonderful tendency to empower better decisions.

Help yourself with the Shortcuts Way of Living of Masters, Champions, Millionaires.
All pages of all sites of all the shapelinks found with the Shortcuts Way of Living...
were created during 51,000 hours of intense effort for YOU to succeed faster...
with the greatest shortcuts of masters and millionaires champions and billionaires...
Simply because I believe you were born to do so much more than you have so far.

All of these healthiest websites, filled with YOUR healthiest shortcuts to Longevity
have been designed for your life, by ...

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