Stick to the facts, right?

We'll prove you act stupidly.

We agree to do so stipulatively.

How's that for a sweet new term?

Use your words to tell us something.

You and I are here pursuing excellence.

Respectfully, I am now multi-excellence.

Whatever the reason, I have great mentors.

Literally thousands of the greatest teachers.

In the best sense possible, the horse's mouth.

Masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.

Employ, partnerships, interviews, meals shared.

Again and again, the same shortcuts are utilized.

If you agree to open your ears, you glean mastery.

5,200-plus of the best and brightest human beings.

They know better than you and I put together, and that's quite a bit.

You and I together have great brain power, and still we act stupidly.

We send eighty cents of every dollar to enormously wealthy people.

Investing even half of those eighty cents rapidly becomes wealth.

Keep this under your hat, friend, and repair your stupidity now.

Stop buying nationally advertised items. Invest locally.

Fact: Celebrities care NOT how you live or die.

Who pays for their multi-million-dollar contracts?

You do, Stupid. You really think the product is tops?

If so, then you are literally out of your ever-loving mind.

Only self-defeaters pay fifty times the cost of something?

Because of advertising and executives, quality is degenerated.

Did you know, for example, that even $20,000 dresses are cheap?

No garment you can ever buy in a store cost more than a few dollars,

including a thousand-dollar men's suit, no matter what liars will tell us.

You do not yet know better than those who show better, again and again.

Follow the steps placed before you and you will shatter world records.

Until then, do you not see wisdom in following their simple recipes?

A wish with a deadline is by definition a goal. Did you know this?

If your ten most important life-goals are not on paper, we know.

We know you are exquisitely stupid, not using what you know.

That is the magic of this secret that works every time for us.

Writing down exactly what we want, when we want it by,

putting on paper the names of those can help you get it,

and investing dollars into self that used go to the rich,

we profoundly reverse our stupidity, gaining wealth.

Imitate great masters, millionaires and champions.

This is the fastest way to enter your own mastery