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In regards to the amount of suppositories a client may take, there are three ‘levels’ that a client choose.

 Level one:  At this level, the client will do 15 boxes of suppositories.   This will be the equivalent of the 15 I.V. chelation sessions that Dr. Blumer did when he achieved the 90% decrease in cancer and the 86% decrease in heart attacks.   This is for the client who wants to improve his or her health but is mostly interested in avoiding death by these two diseases.

 Level two:  At this level, the client will take their age in years and subtract twenty (with a minimum of 15).  For example, a 52-year-old client would take 32 boxes, but a 25 year old would still do 15).  This is for the client that wants to go beyond just avoiding diseases and wants to create a state of vibrant health.  This protocol will remove much of the toxic metals and pathologic calcium that has accumulated in their bodies from the time they were conceived.  Enzyme pathways may be repaired, blood flow may be restored and the regulatory systems can become more efficient.

Level three: At this level, the client not only wants to create good health, they want to maintain it throughout their entire lives.  This protocol involves one suppository every third day for life.

In regards to the frequency of suppositories a client may take, there are three ‘levels’ that a client choose.

Protocol one: If the client is in good health currently, he or she can take one suppository every third day, (one box a month).  

 Protocol two: If the client needs to resolve an immediate crisis (diabetic leg ulcers) or is in pain (fibromyalgia) you may wish to have them take the product every day for a period of time.  This will accelerate the effect.  When the immediate situation resolves, the client can go to ‘protocol one’ for maintenance. 

 Protocol three: If the client is in immediate life threatening danger (impending coronary) or is about to  lose a limb( diabetic complications) you may wish to use the product as often as twice or three times a day for a few days.  

             While from an ingredient point of view, one box of ten 365 mg suppositories is the equivalent to only one 3 gram I.V., some doctors think that one box has the effect of two 3 gram I.V.’s.   This makes sense when you consider the short half-life of EDTA in the body.  With a single 3 gram I.V> 95% of the EDTA is gone in 6 hours, whereas with 10 suppositories, the same EDTA is in the body for much longer.

             Aside from the contraindications to follow, higher amounts of EDTA require monitoring of kidney function, which may be calculated by the following formula. 

 Relative contraindications

 If a client is taking  a drug that has a metallic element as an active ingredient (certain platinum containing chemotherapeutic agents for example), you should consult your physician.  

Tuberculosis, pregnancy, nursing, and kidney disease are also relative contraindications, as are any conditions where the blood is thin or the platelets are low.

Keep in mind that EDTA can lower blood sugar with your hypoglycemic and diabetic patients.  A drop of blood sugar from 270 to 120 in 4 days is not uncommon. 

                 Rectal fissures or rectal ulcer are a relative contraindication since Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA can sting an open cut. Sometimes ee passing of a hard dry stool can cause nicks in the rectal mucosa and the suppository may sting. Rolling the suppository in olive oil before insertion can help decrease any stinging sensation.   


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