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The Shortcuts Way of Living of Masters and Millionaires,
designed to help you to help yourself so you can help others, making things work out nicely.
More than one million unique pages came from one pair of hands. unnamed and unsalaried, of course,
because the greatest shortcuts of all time cannot really be bought or sold, since we each possess them all.
Using more of what you already have is guaranteed to bring you more results and at a higher rate of return.
Stop mincing about doing things half-heartedly. If you really hate your job enough to do poorly at it,
you need to invest at least one or two hours per week every single week looking for another job.
No matter what your circumstances, the funny thing about capitalism is that you can change them.
George Bernard Shaw wrote of people who go out and find the circumstances they like,
and if they can't find circumstances they like, then they go ahead and create them.

It's enough. Your mediocrity sickens no one as much as yourself, so let's fix it.

We already have proof that you are capable of excellence. You've done it before.
Now, this next year of your life, with three hundred thousand special minutes,
special because they are discretionary - you can do with them as you please,
these twelve months will be have more of your best accomplishments,
starting with you identifying just what it is we're trying to do here.

You want to ride horses or paint squirrel cabooses and such?
Your child is not getting the grades you think they should?
Your parents haven't got a clue where you're coming from?
Put yourself into the resolution zone that you possess,
one of the most wonderful places we can travel to,
in the private solace of your sanctum sanctorum.
Refer yourself to the place inside your mind
where answers come forth EVERY single time.
Without exception, your visits to the room,
the zone of resolution, produces fruit.
At least one of us believes in you,
without reservation or limit.
Use your Shortcuts Way of Living.
It's already inside of you, filling the rooms,
suffusing your mind with as much resolution as you command.
At every single moment of your life you have control of your mood.
Stop considering moods to be mere functions of happiness or sadness,
and start recognizing what not one in a hundred college professors can see,
that mood is a function of your direct command, including the mood of resolution.
From this minute, play the most answer-filled game of life, highest-producing game of all.
Simply pretend that a young child who admires you came to ask you for help, and you know you can.
In one hundred percent of the times that a young, admiring child comes to you, you always have answers.
Not most of the time - every single time. That means you have the ability to reach your answer zone on command.

The Shortcuts Way of Living does not suffer fools lightly or without resentment for the distraction they are.
There are so many great and enjoyable things to do in life. Sometimes even one by itself is enough.
When you identify that which brings you the most pleasure, set time aside, because this is yours.
Should you leave a mark on this world that lives beyond you, it will come from this pleasure.
Above all, what you know is far less impressive than you may allow yourself to think it is.
It is impressive only after the moment that you show what you know by doing what you know.
You cannot build a reputation based on what you're going to do.
That's from Henry Ford; well worth reading again. Please do so.

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