Tell the Truth!

How many nurses, surgeons, naturopathic or allopathic doctors
do YOU know who provide
free follow-ups?



 It is doubtful you know even one… if you don’t know
Dr. David Cohen,

Refuah Vechaim

1407  46th St

Brooklyn NY



Bodyscan2010 -- the $35,000 biofeedback information device –

is attempting to help all humans to heal themselves, one patient at a time.


It cures nothing, it treats nothing, and doesn’t even diagnose anything.

What it DOES do is provide the most accurate biofeedback and galvanic skin resistance information available from any machine ever created.


 This is a primary reason for Dr. Cohen’s use of the Phazx Bodyscan2010.

No drugs, no surgery, no invasions, no danger, no side effects.

Up to 16,000 substances, toxins, imbalances measured throughout the body.

Approximately 72 per second.  Timeless, ageless wisdom combined w/ advanced technology.




Considering his astonishing record of successes,

Dr. Cohen is fairly described as America’s Greatest Naturopathic Doctor.



He doesn’t actually cure people, yet his healing techniques and knowledge

 results in everyone leaving his office healthier and/or happier.  Dr. Cohen finds the problem, and then uses technology and 30+ years of study & application  to help you to help yourself.


If you care enough about your health to actually get involved in the process rather than leaving decisions to someone who cares more for an expensive lifestyle than for YOUR pain and suffering; if you care enough about your health to show up regularly and get involved,  then, yes, Dr. Cohen provides generous free follow-ups to your Bodyscan to provide you with the best information he possesses to help you to help yourself.    After all, this is a rare doctor; one who demonstrates that he is dedicated to helping the world to heal, one patient at a time.


(718) 972 – 1616


  • If you suffer from chronic pain;
  • If your health problem has not responded to conventional medicine;
  • Or if you simply wish to get healthier WITHOUT drugs, surgery, or invasive procedures,
    you will quickly see why Mr Shortcuts describes Dr. David Cohen as The Shortcuts Way of Living
    “Best Naturopathic Doctor in America.”