Talk about transformation of wealth. Now here we have one of the top twenty-five scams of the past half-century. The concept that America is so much wealthier than it was in previous decades is risible minus the tragic factor. Roughly 28,000 families in America have for up to thirty and more years each been raking in close to fifty percent of all the profits and income enjoyed from within these shores.

1) When you think of "corporations making money," why does it not occur to you that these corporations are owned by fewer and fewer people? You have a chain of cheap department stores in America wherein four of the siblings are all separately vying for the same position on any list of the richest people on earth. Wealth continues to narrowly focus to fewer and fewer. Those of an age remember CEO's and Presidents earning thirty and forty times what the worker got. When workers tolerate corporate leaders earning more than a thousand times what the worker earns, the economic crunch will always fall on whoever is least able to defend against it. That hasn't changed for centuries.

The majority of individual humans want to be a part of something large, great, and noble. Now that the Information Age has become the predominant economic force throughout the globe, opportunities multiply; the impace of each effort grows that much wider. For that reason, personal involvement has far wider consequences than ever before. It is not the majority who often gets its way; it is identifiably those who shout it the loudest and most often. This rule is so ironclad that seven of every one hundred will grasp the repeatable recipe that guarantees success in every endeavor; EVERY endeavor from brushing teeth to fixing a broken creature. You really don't have to be right; simply more determined, more willing to shut up and take one more one more one more step. Those who abhor repetition are not on the fast track to their own success, for it is the parent of skill. It is the identifiable personal action that develops into the mutually fulfilling great and noble effort of a large group.

2) Celebrity - Stop and consider that all professional sports tems and all entertainers are not even one percent of those who earn eighty-five thousand dollars per month or more. Not even when you throw in lottery and lawsuit millionaires do you achieve one percent of those who earn eighty-five thousand per month, which is a million per year minimum to be considered a millionaire. Net worth is no longer enough to be considered a millionaire; is that a laugh? Thoughts of a ten thousand dollar per day vacation. After the first day, one would think that such a person now owes society at least a tenth of that per day to repay the opportunities that put so much money into their own hands.

Jack Welch, a man so worth admiring and listening to for the power of his effective, persistently useful information, took in over one hundred and twenty-five million dollars his last year as the big honcho at GE. Yet and still, he contracted for a couple of million more in perks. So sorry, even a rare giant of his stature is intrinsically and genetically directed to channel huge sums into those who need it most.

A gentleman in a position to speak with authority stated, "Anyone who think that having ten million is enough could never get to ten million."

I stand to differ. Having given away several separate lifetimes of income and retirement funds, it feels wealthier from this side of the coin than any human has a chance of seeing, feeling, and teaching, until the day they buy lunch for a thousand starving humans. You can do that now, through organizations such as America's Second Harvest, as handled by At 28 meals per dollar, twenty dollars buys 560 meals. Who would've thought? Five hundred and sixty meals for twenty bucks. Can anyone tell me why half of the world is hungry at all times, with half of them dying slowly and painfully? America needs to dump the Streisands and Cheneys, the sports stars and movie ditzes. Many of them may be wonderful people in appearance and still no one can deny that anyone who keeps more than a million dollars for themselves does not really care too much about those who have nothing whatsoever.

It is fascinating and erilling to have hundreds of thousands of cash registers. Instead of pouring money into one pocket, it goes into empty stomachs in America and all around the world.

Don't care who you are. If you're hungry; meaning you have zero food in your stomach, then I have no right to double steaks until I make sure at least a few others have something to eat. My word, imagine you're sitting down to eat and three people within days of dying come stumbling through the door, looking at your food with a look that has no words nor need for them. If you could get away without sharing, would you? If so, you're a prime candidate for becoming a politician, as in those who enjoy million-dollar kitchens at taxpayer expense, to say nothing of cell phones and limos, perks to make ya puke because they are all coming from dollars that should be in health and safety, education, and other far more important things than perquisites, pomp, and circumstance. What happened to "servant of the people?"

The consumers have built a royalty. When candidates can spend not millions, rather, hundreds of millions of dollars, just to run for office, spending money so better invested into humans rather than into the hands of less than fifty people who earn eighty percent of all broadcast media income in the U.S.

The consumers tolerate it. When and only when the pinch becomes personal shall they grumble, because the lady knew of what she spake when suggesting that they "eat cake." As long as there IS cake, there is peace.

Let's talk ownership. Think of just one of the stupidest things you've ever done in your life. One thing is instantly clear, and whenever we find a repeatable fact we are finding a nuclear shortcut that is certain to work in most every human endeavor. This is what is meant by tapping into magical powers because magic is the occurence of something with certainty that it will occur. Every repeatable pattern has both definable and material benefit. A new philosophy well-suited to the millennium, called the Shortcuts Way of Living. The largest piece of art ever created, made up of a million pieces, and all by one person. The largest chain of websites in existence, a thousand "Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts " websites Twenty-five thousand separate pieces of a new art form called "Shapelinks," visually stunning and interactive. One million minutes of one man, incessantly focused on outproducing the previous thousand minutes. Forty to one hundred thousand cups of food PER DAY generated instead of personal benefit. These are just a few of the slam-banging litany of world records shattered by the upstart Masters and Millionaires websites, designed to produce free clickthroughs to stimulate corporate donations of actual food. One and one-tenth cups per click, to be precise, and the strategy appears to have succeeded beyond even a child's imagination, which brings us back to shattering and establishing world records. is a for-profit business that enlists sponsors to buy 1.1 cups of food for each clickthrough, in the interest of feeding starving humans and enjoying advertising with a target market of caring people. All the nationally broadcast stories that prove out the maxim, "Companies that give, thrive," are reflected well in this astonishing story of one fellow investing a half a million of his best minutes and, seeing a thousand people per day coming through his sites, got the idea of creating more than one version of each essay. With five hundred-plus essays, he had his work cut out. Then came EyeCandy. Knowing that people will always respond more to colorful and interactive features, a new artform was born, digital shapes made up of hotlinks leading to pages created by the artist as well. So we have not only stunning visual images of hotlinks in multicolor profusions of special effects, the user gets to affect many of the features, often without having a clue as to how it was done. The fact that the pages linked on the page were all created by the author adds the intellectual spice demanded by discerning web designers. Picture having to refuse awards after several thousand of them began clogging up mail boxes. Behind all the sparkling colors and effects is simple html, the language used to create web pages. Finding the best on earth and then adding a handle of creativity. Underneath the engine of creativity and some twenty-five thousand so-called "Shapelinks" are the shortcuts of masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead. Based on personally-conducted interviews or meals with people of extraordinary accomplishment, the telephone and a hundred conversations per week soon added up to thousands of masters and millionaires, dozens of champions and billionaires, all happy to share their most condensed knowledge and shortcuts when asked properly. Rather than generating income by selling programs or products, more than one thousand Masters and Millionaires websites created by the elusive Mr Shortcuts now produce many thousands of clickthroughs per day. Upon learning that the total for three years appears to exceed twenty-three million cups of food, Mr Shortcuts declared himself the richest man on earth, in that wealth is based less on what you gather and more on what you spread to other people.