Dirtiest Trials of the Twentieth Century   - Crushing The Largest Excecutive Club In History
Thomas FX Dunn striving so ardently to prove himself the worst lawyer in the America


  Largest executive membership in history crushed by corruption
Literally TENS of THOUSANDS of Chairman of the Boards, CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs of the Fortune3000

Even a lawyer can figure this out:   Just click

Challenging to conceive of a lawyer submitting appeal without even allowing client to see it,
let alone rescue it from its... inelegance of understatement;
  against the client's specific statements & instructions  
Three years of promises and assurances since jury verdict.

How many times was Thomas FX Dunn heard to say, "Next week!  Next week! I'm just about done."       Just as AmEx did with Mr. Safra,  Reed Elsevier has invested enormous resources fair and foul to create this miscarriage of justice. Legal beagle? It's on your watch that the enclosed points were repeatedly ignored.       If you are not in fact the worst attorney or worst lawyer in America, why did you repeatedly refuse to bring these points or any of the others on this web site to the attention of the federal appeals court?

Is there a conflict somewhere therein?       As with every human, what you do speaks so loudly we can't hear a word you're saying.

That's why you have earned the titles "Worst Lawyer in America" and "Worst Attorney in America"


Dirtiest trials of the 20th century. Worst attorneys lawyers in America.

Reed Elsevier blows up the competition with cash and underhanded influence;       Thomas FX Dunn merely blows.

For those who list the dirtiest federal trials or the dirtiest trials of the twentieth century, let it be remarked and remembered that
Crushing The Largest Excecutive Club In History definitely counts among the dirtiest trials of the 20th century.
So too does Thomas FX Dunn rank as the lawyer best described as coprophile.

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