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asdfasdf Ok, so I own a Walkman TV radio to listen to tv as well as radio. I own no car, nor a swimming pool, although I enjoy minority ownership of the a thousand miles of beach we refer to as the West Coast, and similar ownership of the Eastt and any other coasts we have.

Jewelry? Let's see. Nope, just the odd watch received here and there, and some sunglasses.

Total view? To be scientific about it, not one person in a hundred on the planet lives better than I do, and more important to why you are considering these words, is that you're in the same boat. Not even one in a hundred, or, for that matter, five hundred.

That bothers me. You're in the same position of living better than ninety-nine percent of the planet, and yet you actively refuse to demonstrate any material knowledge of this truth, this value, this opportunity and more, this power. Power placed and delivered and just sitting right there into the hands attached to your body. Few terms can fit as aptly as "abuse of discretionary power." It informs the story of your life to us.

Go ahead, do the math. If there are ten million millionaires in the world, that does not come CLOSE to one in every hundred. In fact, it's closer to one hundred percent of the planet that lives at a lesser level of quality than you, closer to one hundred percent than it is to a mere ninety-nine percent. Consider that two of every three people alive as of this writing have never used a telephone.

No one's passing judgements on you regarding your generosity or charity or compassion for people who are just seriously suffering. People in America give more to charity than anyone on earth. At least, as a group Americans give more. Per capita -- more governmentspeak for "as a portion of income for each person" -- folks in America don't score quite that high, in fact enjoy a rather middling average of giving.

One would reasonably think that, the higher one's income, the greater one's giving. Not at all true in America, in fact, quite the opposite. When we as individuals are stuck between doing okay, relatively, and doing OKAY, it gets harder and harder to reach out. This is partly due to the lack of empty stomachs on our own part, and partly due to the excessive number of special interests who are raising money for something... with too much of the proceeds sticking to fingers along the way.

When Stanley proved as a man that he could overcome a childhood ravaged by a horribly funny last name, he built a successful life and founded the American Cancer Society. Such a great man, who sought to benefit all of mankind.

By the time I read in Reader's Digest or other similarly respected publication that over ninety percent of all the dollars donated to the American Cancer Society goes for salaries and fancy phones and limos and perks and bonuses and worse, it became impossible to give to large organizations without feeling cheated, made more acute by consideration of the intended recipients' losses due to human greed.

I grew up worshipping the Red Cross; they certainly helped me return to the States and across the country in a time of personal urgency. By the time they, too, were reported to be redirecting some seven million dollars of donations intended strictly for 911day victims on the expense of newer and fancier telephone and communication systems, I threw up my hands in disbelief. The Red Cross, fer cryin' out loud. If they can't attract "good leaders" with salaries of a dollar per year, then guess what? THEY ARE NOT HERE TO SERVE, except themselves.

Not for nothing, we have several million millionaires in America. If you subtract working women millionaires you are left with at least six million wives and girlfriends of millionaires who do not have financially have to work for a living. Are you seriously telling me that not one in six million is capable of running the Red Cross or any of twenty-two thousand charities across the country? If so, what are you smoking? Send some here, we'll pass it on to a lab. Get real!

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