Where Did All That Money Go?           Executive Pay Alongside of Employee Pay
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Where Did All That Money Go?             Executive Pay and Employee Pay

Executives do not bring in the big bucks, contrary to publicly-advertised perception, a lie that is told so many times that even you believe it. Executives guide a company to bringing in big bucks. The dollars are actually brought in by the people who build the product, the lady who sells it, the guy in the back room who moves it from the factory to the showrooom. THEY bring in the money, and even deposit it in the bank. The executive deserves a bit of extra for his or her effective guidance, and only for their effective guidance. With a guarantee of pay no larger than any worker's in the company, with the promise of generous extras for good production, executives can earn two and three and even ten times as much as an individual employee. That's what capitalism is, not having a gangster come in and grab all the money earned by all of the people who work for the company.

To see executives making a hundred times what an employee makes is offensive to every major and every minor religon in the world. To see exeutives earning a thousand times what an employee makes, where the employee hasn't got health care for his sick kid while the executive enjoys luxuries unimaginable to the richest kings and princes in history, that's a clear, defined statement that the gangster isn't using a gun. It's a clear wake-up call for people to begin putting their tiny, truly infintesimal incomes at risk by standing up and saying, "No."

The fastest start is, of course, the most basic. Whether it's dissolving a Parliament or Knesset or Duma or Senate or union leadership, every single participant, whether it's a voter or a union member, has the intelligence and power to start fresh. Rather than professional politicians running the offices of clergy, corporations, government, and unions, start fresh. You're surrounded by intelligent and articulate people who are at pretty much the same level as you. Go ahead and tell them you need better leadership or stand up yourself. Citizen legislators, workers running unions, how hard do you think it is? It's so simple you're ignoring your best and fastest resources as if all the trees are blocking your view of the forest. Stop complicating things.

One hundred days of you personally not using more than half the gasoline you are currently using and you know what happens? The price of gas gets cut in half at least once, if not twice or thrice! Guaranteed. Close your mouth and stop offering your opinion with your mouth. Offer your opinion in much louder terms with your dollars.

One hundred days of individual Americans refusing to turn the heat dial or air conditioning dial all the way up.

Concern for the elderly? Pshaw! The elderly know more than you do, and will be quicker to give up a small portion of their comfort when they understand that their actions will alter the world dramatically and for the better.

Do you realize that when every citizen stops spending money on the 2nd day of every month with a demand that Congress dissolve, it doesn't actually matter whether or not Congress dissolves, because enough people will be affected that you'll see honest citizens coming out of the woodwork to replace the rich, thoroughly corrupt professionals who have taken over the clergy, the ballot box, the corporation, the union. In as little as a hundred weeks, a nation can go from being one of the most hated to one of the most beloved. In as little as a hundred weeks or less millions and millions and millions of people living in such abject poverty will be given great opportunities to continue to wallow in mediocrity and hunger or to participate in the Magnificent Experiment that is democracy.

Giving up just one out of two mochadopachinos means billions to people close to your own home to lift themselves up and produce wide and complex as well as narrow and simple benefits back to you, instead of your definably insane contributions to a very few, astoundingly greedy people far away from you who will never meet you, greet you, care about you or help you in even the tiniest or most marginal of ways.

Executives determine how to spend those thousands of millions of dollars on advertising that has zero relation to the quality of the product and absolute relation to the sale of that product to people foolish enough to buy a one-dollar bottle of this or that for six and seven and twenty dollars just to compensate the advertisers and executives NOT on a fair, "... day's wage for a day's labor," rather, for an economy-sucking, life-draining extortion of excess profits from the silly audience for advertisers who are paid to distort the truth... because if the truth were sufficient to sell the product, ad campaigns and ad agency battle plans and products would be entirely unnecessary. "Battle plans?" "Campaigns?" Those are words most seminally associated with adversarial positions, and it's a fool who does not recognize when he or she has been targeted as an enemy, a sucker, a mooch to be separated from the money by proactively deceptive methods. Using a gun is more dangerous, but using a gun is no different: you are separating someone from their money without earning that money honestly. They are both crimes. The proof of your foolishness is that you extend to perpetrators of violence to individuals in their acquisition of money greater prison sentences than those who use deception to steal money from thousands of victims.

Why is the crime that is greater by degree of literally thousands not punished thousands of times more severely? Your concept of justice has no relation to that formulated by the founders of justice thousands of years ago. Fortunately, the works of Aristotle and his students and descendants are still available for the few thinkers who may be decent enough to stand up and fight the destruction of one of history's most precious documents, the one that created the opportunities of your grandparents and parents. Fortunately, you still have the choice to defend yourself against such victimization occurring hundreds of times per year in your own life... by taking back control of your income, and its whether it's distributed to a remarkably few individuals focused on their executive pay or advertising income, or whether it's distributed as you choose to see it distributed.

How you choose to avail or reject those same opportunities in your own life determines so much more than your own comforts, and still, those selfish comforts can be enough to get you moving forwards. Divide the money brought in among the few who are entrusted to handle the money, or divide it among all those who bring that money in. You decide, and your voice cannot be heard without the amplification of your actions.




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Where did all the money go?
Advertising and executive pay, rather than employee pay.

That's less the fault of executives grabbing for pay
than it is employees not grabbing THEIR pay.

It's less the fault of executives grabbing for pay
than it is people silly enough to pay triple for the same products.

If, like the Shortcuts Way of Living, you see the imbalance of executive pay alongside of employee pay,
then speak less and do more. That means, if you speak twice as much, act twice as much.
Quietly, peacefully, with power and persuasion, backed by the dollar itself.
One accelerated answer for moving executive pay into employee pay.