Who I am is less important than who you are.

To prove in less than sixty seconds that I am quite literally the President and C.E.O. of your fan club,
you will hopefully never know my name, nor will I eve make a dime from the Shortcuts Way of Living,
currently counted out as past one million unique pages I've created, edited, and uniquified,
all for the purpose of empowering you to empower yourself, to As we cannot learn less, learn, live, give more.
It's not a very complicated equation. The only complication is suspending your disbelief for a bit,
at least long enough for you to taste a couple of surprising victories, quickly, and evermore efficiently
These PowerGems that comprise and constitute the most exciting collection of shortcuts ever compiled,
all from the mouths and hands and actions and questions of the people who perform best of all,
masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead, work for you approximtely 100% of the time.
No, that's not a misprint: use any single PowerGem or combination of PowerGems,
one hundred or more times each, and you are guaranteed fantastic results.
You need to suspend your disbelief if only because of the facts:
If you knew it better, you would do it better.
Let's tell you once of a thousand times over and over again:
champmions and people who win repeatedly make more sense and tell more truth.
That's where the suspension of your disbelief comes in make better teachers and it matters not if you're a first-grader or a first responder;
use one of more
Three million of my minutes in just under fifteen years now. All for you, no charge, because I know.
I know exactly how frustrated life, circumstances, and even people can be from time to time,
when you are staggered into asking why, over and over again, how things could be this way.
I know of the times when you've floated even momentarily into thoughts of, "Oh, if only..."
There are few people who don't feel that, see it, hear it, and know it on a thorough, personal level.
I know that if you COULD do better you would do better, which explains the successes that you HAVE enjoyed.
Today, both the brain and heart energy that you have invested now get tranferred to a new department in your organization.

Rest assured this is a letter that doesn't come too often in one lifetime.
My gift to you has proven to be worth millions of dollars.
It took just over three million of my minutes.
My minutes are assuredly not like yours.
Unlike you, I've long known that, for whatever reasons,
I was handed one thousand four hundred and forty precious gifts,
each one worth so much more than anything you can ever hope to buy.
Consider one thousand four hundred and forty intensely special opportunities.
Is this or is this not a dream come true? Speaking strictly for myself to engage you,
I only need one of those precious opportunities
None of the tricks, effects and features on this page are accidental, including figuring out the simple mind-tickler.     Just part of the genial service.
Time is flashing past
at a staggering rate of 1,440 precious,
opportunity-filled minutes
every day of your life
This is the day to follow those who do it best:
masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead


The greatest shortcuts of masters and champions, those who lead the way.

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All designed to help you to help yourself, from The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

If you have gone through the programs and CD's and more,
then you are already searching for the Shortcuts Way of Living,
The great news is that the Shortcuts Way of Living is already in you.
As a child you were trained, knowingly or not, to accede or to repeatedly persist.
Because you are able to recognize this, you get to use it as a thinking, effective adult.
One change. One shortcut. One improvement in any one or more of your repeated daily efforts.
WHAT DO YOU REPEAT MANY TIMES PER DAY? That's the place to start, instantly.
With nothing more and nothing less than deciding to do it better, you rise.
Excellence is nothing more and nothing less than an accumulation.
If you are going to repeat a given action a dozen times today,
count out, right now, how much of a difference you make.
One percent improvement, repeated one hundred times,
means far more than double where you started.
If you knew better, you would do better.
Now you know better, so show better.
This is your time, this is your place,
Shh. Use the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of those who do it the best,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here. The Shortcuts Way of Living is free for your life.

Welcome to the Shortcuts Way of Living - Both the EyeCandy and Shortcuts Capital of the Internet.
Why? Because you're worth it, and more. The Shortcuts Way of Living aims to prove it.

Who You Are Is Who You What You Where You Are

"Who you are," he said, that morn, "is what you do."

Who you are is what you do,
who you are is who you hang with.
Who you are is how you spend your time.
Who you are is where you find yourself now,
and where you are determined or not to arrive at.

Who you are is what you think you are, over and over.
Who you are is what you say and what you show, today, always.