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BodyScan 2010 - Most accurate biofeedback device invented thus far


As the Bodyscan's popularity in Europe and Japan indicate, the Phazx Bodyscan2010 is poised to help us make huge leaps in healing naturally. Once again, technology proves that it need not be invasive to be helpful

It has proven itself to be one of the five or six most useful devices in any of the health fields to each and every physician, whether ayurvedic, allopathic, or naturopathic, who actually has a Bodyscan done for themselves. It's certainly the most accurate biofeedback device currently available. The Bodyscan measures the energy in organs and tissues.

Using galvanic response, similar to a primary component of the polygraph, known as a "lie detector," the Bodyscan examines precisely how your organs, tissues, glands, etc., respond to over 16,000 substances, toxins, and more that the human body is or may be subject to. Tells you what is doing and where, and by how much.

It's fair to describe the Bodyscan2010 as "next generation" biofeedback equipment. Made by Phazx, there are nearly a thousand doctors and naturopaths in the US who operate full-time Bodyscans. Without curing or healing or even technically diagnosing, the simple biofeedback therapy technique has proven remarkably effective in at least eighty percent of any given population. What makes it world-class is that a competent practitioner who understands what all these columns of numbers and technical words actually means.

With N.D., PhD., M.H., C.N.C., and a ready charming wit, Dr. Cohen should have been rich long ago, yet appears to invest the bulk of his time and income either studying to become even more proficient, or else trying to get everyone around him to make use of the information provided by the Bodyscan2010 or the SpectraVision or Ondamed, etc. It helps to see someone who personally uses what he professes to be most useful. That's not too common. Our mentors often refer to this as "walking the talk."

The Bodyscan is noninvasive, involves no drugs or significant discomfort. It's even faster and friendlier than a typical hospital or "specialist" visit. It's popularity has spread throughout Europe and is now enjoying robust growth in the U.S. One of his patients, a world-renowned singer, made an appointment late at night to make sure that he had privacy. By the time he and Dr. Cohen stopped chatting, the sun was coming up; they hadn't even realized the hours passing by. It reflected on Dr. Cohen's commitment. In the sixteen amazing days that I kept written track of the patients limping in and walking out, there is precision in stating that every single person who entered left either healthier, happier, or both. Even my favorite childhood medical doctors couldn't seem to pull off what this naturopathic physician does on a daily and weekly basis. Three, five, seven appointments, and even serious cases see no need to return, at least not until the next "crisis" comes along and they're back using a wide variety of technology's gifts to naturopathic healing.

There's little repudiation of objectivity in noting that David Cohen is more interested in personally spreading this advanced technology to people all across America than he is in gathering material wealth. He's the first very successful doctor I've met out of nearly a hundred who's perenially broke because there's always another new method or technology being taught somewhere, and his track record of success is so crystal clear that those who have gotten insufficient results from conventional medical techniques are highly recommended to consult with have a Bodyscan.

Growing Number of Bodyscan Practitioners

A particularly attractive feature of getting a Bodyscan done is that there are hundreds of Bodyscans being used all around the country, probably more in Europe, Japan, and even on the African continent. Those who are skilled at relating the results directly to the best natural approaches, specifically identified natural approaches and natural supplements, and ground-based items that are historically known to be effective, can help you to help yourself in huge ways.

The device is registered with FDA, which is a major achievement, yet the FDA doesn't really appear sold on it beyond the minimum they can get away with without appearing restrictive. Their caution is laudable, yet when we see that the Bodyscan is completely noninvasive, why don't the heads of the FDA just sit and have a Bodyscan done by someone who knows what they're doing, and see for themselves that a competent practitioner will tell THEM what physical or major emotional problems they've been through. That ought to raise at least a hair or two, don't you think?

The body and mind record everything. Galvanic skin response is exquisitely accurate, more than adozen of my favorite diagnosticians all added up together because there is no guesswork or diagnosis, there is no labelling of diseases or disorders, simply a path to determining precisely what is out of balance and how to get it back into balance without drugs or surgery.

Let's face it: there are times when drugs or surgery are absolutely required, and everyone one of us wants to clamor for the best doctors, rightfully so; they're more trained in drugs or surgery than most other people in our society. It is precisely because of this that we try to avoid being among the several thousand Americans who die every single week by medical error. That's not a misprint; it's been on 60 Minutes several times, documented in front-page stories in the Journal of the A.M.A. and Lancet (the British equivalent), several thousand per week. It is plain stupid to use such a dangerour resource unless it's necessary. You ever hear of somebody dying on a Bodyscan? Not too likely.

Growing Number of Bodyscan Practitioners

In a nutshell, this is a rare occasion of having difficulty being objective when my own Bodyscan was an eye-opening experience. Dr. Cohen looked at the particular substances that affected my biofeedback response significantly and began speaking of problems I had fifteen years ago that even I haven't thought of in years, with mind-bending accuracy. I looked behind me to see if my mother was there holding up flash cards with each thing he mentioned. I'm completely convinced that this device, or its derivatives, will become primary in the coming decades as people wake up to the fact that doctors are not more than slightly related to the doctors of just a generation or two ago. Does your doctor ever get paid in chickens or pies? Does your doctor make house calls? Words always take second place to actions.

Conditions That Do Not Respond to Surgery or Drugs

When patients are told by their surgeons and other specialists that allopathic medicine has done as much as it can, that there are no other drugs or surgery that would be useful, it's the rare person who doesn't turn to naturopathy, which is still the only branch of medicine that requires no malpractice insurance for obvious reasons. It surprises most of us to learn that a distinct majority of patients who do not get adequate results with conventional medicine look into the more effective branches of natural or alternative medicine.

When the best techniques used by the richest people throughout human history are still being used by the wealthiest people of this highly advanced generation, it's important to take notice. Closer examination shows the frequency of combining, and the benefits of combining, history's best techniques with the most advanced technology constantly available. "... constantly available" entails ongoing research and continuing development.

The ability to use technology to gain instantly useful information such as the Bodyscan provides, added to the longest-lasting methods and techniques of those who live younger longer, adds up to individual people making much better, more informed decisions about how long and how well they live.

Patients who aren't getting relief from drugs and surgery need to take a look at the powerful shortcuts that the rich and famous have been using for the past 200 generations.

In the weeks spent in his offices gathering the necessary information to build these health-oriented websites for you,
it became obvious that every patient, from housewives and students to both male and female practicing physicians, to people who came to America expressly to be seen by this incredible naturopathic doctor, not a one among them left his office unhappy.

Even Dr. Yelena Shvarts, (shown just below) a holistic medical doctor practicing in Brooklyn, NY., who entered the office in significant pain, with a limp, virtually skipped out of the office an hour later with the relief apparent on her face and in her body movements.

When a respected pediatrician like Dr. Shvarts  consults a naturopathic doctor after leaving an emergency room in pain, it represents no small comment on his ability to combine Mankind's successes of the past with ultra-modern technology, which is what naturopathic medicine represents.
The  BodyScan™2010 has the ability to identify chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and even dental material as well as other toxic materials in the human body.  Over 10,000 substances in 60 categories can be scanned.

The BodyScan™2010 can also determine the energetic level of each and every organ in the body and how well they are functioning.

What exactly IS the Bodyscan?

Bioenergetic Testing utilizes a computer-based instrument which measures the energy of the body using acupressure point readings, providing a new and highly accurate method for
determining the energetic causes of allergies and ailments.

Bioenergetic Testing is the end product of a 40-year evolution in Biological-Energetic/Biofeedback testing. Dr. Voll and Dr. Werner of Germany developed this new approach to good health utilizing a modern computer and a sophisticated program. Relatively new in this country, it is felt by many people to be the most significant breakthrough in health in many years. The technique is understood, accepted, and used widely in other countries, especially Germany, France, England and Canada.

It is based on the Chinese Medical theory that improper energy flow through the acupressure meridians causes energy imbalances in the body. During the past 40 years, doctors have identified the interrelationship between acupressure point measurement and individual organs and tissues. Bioenergetic testing is also very similar to Biofeedback. it has been endorsed by many doctors and dentists in the U.S., including Roy Curtain, Ph.D. of Brigham Young University, Fuller Royal, M.D., Nevada, and John Sinclair, D.D.S., Harrison, Arkansas.

What Can The Bodyscan DO?

  •  Identify chemical, pesticides,herbicides, and other toxic materials in your system(including any problem with dental materials such as mercury).
  •  Determine the energetic level of each and every organ in the body and how well it is functioning.
  • Indicate allergies and foods that are best suited to your specific biochemical make-up (what should be added to or eliminated from your diet).
  • Identify environmental allergies to heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and other types of allergies to yeast, fungus and molds.
  • Indicate any vitamin or mineral imbalances.

In fact, the system is capable of performing considerably more than six thousand individual tests on your body. perhaps more importantly, the machine will automatically indicate what remedies you may need to help you and your doctor correct various problems and deficiencies.

Just How Does The Bodyscan Work?

The computer measures the degree of electrical resistance of the acupressure points, generally the hands and feet. These measurements indicate the balances or imbalances of the various organ systems of the body and can detect low-level reactions in the body. It also indicates which nutritional or homeopathic remedy and the exact potency that will bring about an energy balance. Bioenergetic testing can also monitor the patients progress. There are no side or after-effects with proper use of the eletro-diagnosis and therapy. No piercing of the skin, no discomfort and no electrical impulses are felt during the testing. The only clothing that must be removed are your shoes an stockings. F.D.A. approved, the testing is safe and gentle.

Who Can Benefit From the Bodyscan?

Anyone wanting to improve the quality of their health and life, or for more specific uses such as to enhance sports performance. Tennis pro, Martina Navrotilova, has used a less advanced, earlier version of this approach as part of her overall health program under the direction of Dr. Whitcomb, M.D., in Colorado.

What Are The Benefits?

Bioenegetic Testing show any type of energy imbalance in your body and tests for vitamin-mineral deficiencies as well. It will indicate remedies for correction of all energy imbalances.  It takes the guesswork out of what your body needs and can tell you and your doctor more about the current state of your body's health. 

Dr. Cohen's main office in Brooklyn, NY, can be reached 24 hours per day at 718 972-1616

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