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Drinking Water

Water and Intracellular Water - Biosyntony

The function of water

The function of water is not well understood. It carries the potential of vitality of all living system on the planet. The basic configuration is of oxygen atom with negative charge and two hydrogen atoms with a positive charge. It is commonly known in physics that the value of the angle between the two hydrogen and oxygen molecules is 10430. The value of this angle is considered stable. This value can actually vary and the variation is dependent on position of the sun, moon and other parameters in the local and cosmic environment.


Drinking Water

The cycle of water is complex. The Yang phase constitutes the nourishing phase. The characteristic of this phase is expansion and increase in volume. It corresponds to the high tide.This state favors the expansion of contained elements like virus, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, minerals and trace elements. When this phase is respected, the teeth captivate the information and bring it to the organic sites concerned via the functional meridians. Therefore the organs manufacture proteins, which are utilized in the phases of assimilation and in the excretion phases of the digestive tract. You need to note that there is a selective chronobiology in the phases of absorption and excretion of the body. The kidneys are the primary route of absorption and excretion.

The urine collects in the bladder. This center permits the restoration of the Yang phase, which is characterized by expansion and the capacity of transmitting information to the elements, contained in the liquid. The information transmitted from the elements contained in the liquid is captured by the bladder meridian and is conducted via the bladder meridian to the brain. The bladder meridian borders the vertebral column. Therefore, each vertebra receives the information transmitted via the bladder meridian. These messages are treated by the concerned vertebra, which brings the information to the appropriate organ in order to produce proteins necessary for the biological regulation.


Living water - - Biosyntony and BioSyntonics

Living water is characterized with variability of the H-O-H angle, which may vary as much as 20 degrees according to the model of Pavlita. The contemporary pollution causes the angle of the water molecules at values of below 100. It is very difficult to appreciate with physical measurements the effect of magnetic fields, which modify the magnetic momentum of the water molecule. We are in a living and interactive system.


All these considerations have prompted us to create two types of products.The clay pot of Terre de Lys regenerates the water in a closed system. The pot has local action on the water, which uses natural resonance.These pots restores via catalytic process, the natural electric state of the liquid, which allows the body to better, assimilate the liquid. The Vortelys is a generator of structural waves. Its emissions are permanent. A column of reduced resistance is created from the ground toward the cosmic fields.This tunnel effect permits collection of information from the universe. The information permeates the liquid and improves the information in the living water.


Intra Cellular Water and Biosyntony - healing naturally


The work of Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp showed evidence of emission of ultra-weak energy from the cells. The content of the water in each cell relates to the immune capacity of the body.The intracellular water modulates information with multiple contents in the human body.

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