The Shortcuts Way of Living For Life - Because Today Is The Most Powerful Day Of Your Life

Today is the most powerful day of your life.
Is there an effective way to drill that into your mind?
Today is the most powerful day of your life, and you need to wake up.
Wake up to what resources you have around you, wake up to the power of asking,
wake up to all of the great things inside of you that are hungry to come out and play.
Don't lie to the Shortcuts Way of Living : have you taken time recently to ask yourself,
with no limitations on what subjects you cover, just exactly what it is you most want in your life?
If you genuinely believe that the opportunity to make that happen will occur "at some point or other,"
then you've already lost at the game of life, and the only way you can even hope to re-enter the human race,
which IS our race to fulfillment, both personal and professional fulfillment, is to engage this one huge PowerGem.
Today actually is the most powerful day of your life, and that's the first and easily most important lesson you can learn.
Learning does NOT mean you are capable of repeating it back to us: monkeys can do that with sign language.
Learning means assimilating, which is a fancy way of saying you take it inside of you, permanently.
When we assimilate a powerful principle, we take it inside of us, and it guides our actions.
Understanding that today is the most powerful day of your life is your golden cynosure.
With every new layer of comprehension you demonstrate actively, beyond words,
you move closer and closer to your own high points of power and effectiveness.
It's so easy, so simple, and yet we prefer to complicate things endlessly.
Today is the most powerful day of your life. Develop a bit of urgency!
You urgently need to begin treating each day as if it is your last,
because one of these days, it most certainly will be,
much as you refuse to believe it applies to you.
Continue stagnating in mediocrity each day,
or help bring out more of the best in you,
by understanding just one basic day:
the most powerful day of your life.

It is perfectly stupid to do things precisely as you did it yesterday
UNLESS YOU JUST HAPPENED TO DO IT PERFECTLY, an unlikely event, at best.
You find benefit in ten minutes when you learn more in order to live more,
because it profits all of the most powerful days of your life, starting with today.
More so with the Shortcuts Way of Living, created with the idea of empowering you to empower yourself,
by reminding you of your best shortcuts, and best tools and resources ALREADY WITHIN YOUR GRASP.
Designed with devotion to the untapped inner potential in you, and determined to bring more of it out.
Let's get you to get busy with The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of those who do it the best,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here. The Shortcuts Way of Living is free for your life.

As further useful reminder that today is the most powerful day of your life, consider this:
"Yesterday is history,     tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift, which we know because we call it "the present."

That's not rah-rah motivational hypserbole. Nor is it coincidence.
The rather bright people who created such exquisite expressions,
well, they seem to know what they were doing, you'd agree?
The present. A 24-hour gift made up of smaller pieces,
assayable by hours or minutes or even seconds.
For today, remember each of your minutes.
You will receive 1,440 minutes today.
Question is, how will you use them?
Like a fool, or as a champion?
With mediocrity, or with excellence?
One thing we know is that each human gets it,
a personal gift, a measurable package every day,
made up of 1,440 separate opportunities to shine or fade.
When all is said and done, let's remember that this IS your life.
No one will ever know your joys or sorrows, the frustration or fulfillment,
unless they're a living mirror of those desirable and repulsive occurences equally.
Break out of the cycle of mediocrity in the next sixty seconds with just one step forward.

Welcome to the most powerful day of your life,
with the   Shortcuts Way of Living .

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The Shortcuts Way of Living

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Considering the number of useful definitions of power, let's teach ourselves with the one that defines power as the ability to take action or create an effect. Either one, because in either case, repetition of one or the other is guaranteed to create an effect. Whether you like the effect or not is up to you, at which point you can abandon it, adjust it's future use, or use it the same way.
Whichever one of the three you choose, you have a fifty percent probability of taking action, correct? Whether you adjust it or use it the same way, it means you're performing the effort again. Just want to make sure there's no doubt at the math of success, the science of success, versus a Trumplike art of success application. When you apply math, you get the answers you want more often.

Among other simultaneous benefits that accrue to you quickly and significantly from taking repeated action is the fact that, the more times you do something with an eye towards noticing what's working and what's not, you end up getting the same amount of results with as little as one tenth the effort. This is such a treasure so suck into, another piece of Life's fruit that goes into your mind in a way at least partly similar to any other type of nutrition.

Best Shortcuts Of All Time - Try This One Immediately!

What we take in counts less than how much of what we take in is successfully processed, which we think of as digestion. How rare it is for even bright people to overlook the fact that there is a gaping chasm between what we take in and what we digest. It applies to food and to information, to music and to skills. We all take in a given amount of the same thing and yet we successfully process different amounts. Let's take reading, for example.

Learning to read, without looking at words of three letters or less takes no more than a few seconds, which may qualify as the single most magical trick to doubling your reading speed. It takes just a few seconds to learn it, and, at most, a week or two to get good at it. This is where we find a thousand-dollar secret that any one of us should be happy to pay for.

When we stop reading words of three letters or less, you would think, okay, so we read a bit faster.
The truth, however, proves out to be not so simple.

For starters, yes, you do read faster, and not just a little bit faster.

Secondly, and it's not a smaller benefit, standing taller than mere speed for those who wish to learn how to read as masters do.
is the next benefit of not having to remember as many words! If a page has four hundred words, after ten pages you're mentally trying to manage four thousand words. Forget it! My brain is far more developed than yours and it would be arrogant to think even a mind that produces this prolifically could handle such a daunting task. It's not going to happen, so you work your way right past it and throught it with great shortcuts.

By no longer reading words of three letters or less, you actually DO read these words,
in fact, it's impossible not to read them, since your eye has 107,000,000 lenses.

What "not reading words containing three letters or less" actually incurs,
is the elimination of at least twenty percent of all your eye movements.

You see, the speed of your reading is NOT measured by how fast you read the words.
That's right - the speed of your reading measures how long your eyes STOP at each word!

Reducing eye movement and strain are two more benefits to using this PowerGem of speed-reading.
Wait, wait! It gets even better! By recognizing what has just been shared with you in a few sentences,
you are far better equipped to understand why you should never read too much of something you wish to remember.

How Much Can We Do On The Most Powerful Day Of Our Lives?
The human brain can only process so much information at one time. There is great debate about "seven items at once," etc.

The Shortcuts Way of Living has little concern with what the correct number is,
only the attendant shortcuts that provide you with instant profit or other benefit.

Since the brain can only process so much information, you can pick ANY arbitrary number you like for review.
Let's say it's a thousand words. You don't need to count words. Let's guesstimate that there are an average of four hundred words on each page of your book. Instead of reading all four hundred words, reading only the big words.
Some people find even greater speed and understanding when they follow the words with their fingertip. It's optional.
At the end of the page, you've only read twenty, forty, maybe fifty big words, and, IF YOU STOP at the end of the page
to mentally review what you got out of the page, you'll be quite surprised. Try it with any page of any book.

Just pretend you're getting paid to look at a page for ten or twenty seconds and will receive a thousand dollars
for every intelligent thought or idea or phrase from that page. What's fantastic is that it accumulates to a higher and higher speed AND comprehension. In other words, all these benefits of learning how to read faster are puny in comparison to the fact that reading fewer of the words means a higher,
more comprehensive understanding of what you've just read.

This speed-reading shortcut is more than just one of the best speed-reading shortcuts imaginable.
It's a direct and open ticket to a measurably increased understanding of what you read.
If that's not enough for you, please note the Shortcuts Way of Living is no joke,
it's the result of the greatest minds in humuna history, funneled to you,
pardon the snobbery, in plain language that we can all understand.

You see, when you use what is supposed to be a mere speed-reading shortcut,
you end up actually assimilating information instead of just try to memorize it.
Benefit after benefit piling up from skipping short words. Watch what happens when you hit four.

Yep. When you start skipping words with four letters or less, you're now eliminating half of ALL the words.

At the end of ten pages, instead of, say, four thousand words, you're only collating a few dozen in your head,
and you see for yourself that you're understanding the ideas and subjects, better than you ever have before.

Sure, once in awhile, you'll allow yourself the luxury of looking at the odd short word here and there,
except here comes the single best news of all, mayhaps the most exciting benefit of this true PowerGem.

The more you do it, the better you get at it.

The most powerful day of your life means multiple benefits at once, right?
Even with the instant leap in the speed of your reading and the ability to remember more of it,
even with immediately gaining a more comprehensive understanding of what you're reading than you would with so many little ones running under your feet, meaning all those extra and unnecessary words, you still get to improve. Even after doing this for months and months you find yourself able to make better sense out of a newspaper article in thirty seconds than the person standing next to you can in five minutes of trying to read it by advancing and stopping the movement of the eyeball at the beginning of every word. It's ridiculous.

Today, I rarely look at words of less than five letters. With one hundred and seven million lenses, in each eye, no less, there's little chance that my brain is not going to be provided with those little connecting words.

Since the brain will take them in, all YOU need to do is review them within the hour.
Whatever you read that you wish to remember, review it out loud within sixty minutes.
Do it in your words, and guess what? It bypasses what you think of as your memory,
and goes into a very special mental bank account you possess called "Assimilation."
Beyond mere memory, it's akin to when your fingers remember how to dial a number,
or play a song, or how you recognize your mother's face without much thought.
All of this rich benefits of making even a dumb brain quite smarter.
Third grade or third graduate degree, wherever you're standing,
this is another delicious PowerGem of life that proves out,
and proves out nicely, because it is ineed universal.
Less talk, Grasshopper, more doing, okay?

Welcome to The Shortcuts Way of Living,
pursuing the most powerful day of your life.
Seeking and eliciting the most powerful day of your life.
Practicing it once, wholeheartedly, multiplies your wealth.