Who Will Stand Alone?

To stand alone, to wait without
stillness stirred within,
hoping, groping, coping,
imagination's flight of fancy.

Interstitial errors weaving paradigms of wonder;
the quilt will shape up as it will
both blessed and yet-unfunded.

Who stands up to know the pattern,
reading out, weeding out,
recalling doubt, deceptive pout,
add up to helpmate versus slattern.

Gather it with sun-drenched laughter,
hours are like seconds after.
You think you see it living, and you're sure you know the score,
yet your yesterdays burn far beyond the place where yet there's more.
Calling in the markers, boys, there's plenty yet to see,
empty out your pockets once you've sold your dignity.

All who thought they knew the deal,
demonstrate all that's false and real.
So as we take our turn this day,
as the flavored light shines down your way,
remember whence you spun your Wheel.

And, know it still within, even when it's just a pittance,
pining for the ample air of freedom,
sample each with knowledge,
for life is more your college,
shining for the trampled dare of leaving.

To stand alone to wait without, the comfort and the knowledge,
knowing what it was all about, trembling in the absence of doubt,
here you fell, let no one tell, pay the bill, stay out of hell.
Heaven's where you find it, in the same place that you looked,
it's the rhythmic education not yet found within our books.

No excuses. We are so tired of excuses. NO MORE EXCUSES.

You really have no more excuses for not embracing the Shortcuts Way of Living.
If you develop YOUR OWN perception of the Shortcuts Way of Living, good!
The idea is to snap out of the circle of mediocrity you are mired in.
Look on the internet and you can find thousands of real experts.
Sure, you find some flim-flam artists and other phonies. Good!
It's good because it reminds you to get it from many sources.
Whatever great information you need, many are providing it.
Please stop making excuses. Today is the day to get busy.
Let the Shortcuts Way of Living guide you along the way.
The rapid development of your wealth is quite assured.
Half belongs to the Shortcuts Way of Living, fairly.
Do not send half to MisterShortcut, or anyone.
Invest half your new wealth into the helpless.
Whoever and wherever you are, they exist.
Half is to help them to help themselves.
Akin to what we seek to do here, hm?
Bring it all around, fair and square.
It's an ultimate truth of an Ultimate Presence, you know,
the one test of such a Presence that you are encouraged to use.
Give away money silently, anonymously, and see how quickly it returns.
It works with eighteen cents just as it works with eighteen hundred dollars.
Go ahead, test the universe. Silently help the helpless and watch it return greater.
If you better knew the master secrets of the universe, we suspect your results would show it.

Those who know better are those who show better, representing our most useful role models.
Imitate those who do better, such as those who give richly, and you reap results like theirs.
No more excuses. Embrace your own perception of the Shortcuts Way of Living and reap the fruits.