Nonvoting and Non-Voters - "Should We Hang 'Em, Pa?"

Non-voting - the word itself conjures up a great deal.

How do you overcome the power of the sound byte? Too many citizens form their opinions based on miniature snapshots, confident they are great judges of nature, despite being proved wrong many times in each of their lives.

How about returning to basics? No less than five debates for any office, giving more and more citizens an opportunity to get the flavor of each candidate, where individual answers or comments or shouts of joy are not blown into levels of importance that do not reflect who the candidate is, what he or she represents, and why you are personally solicited for your individually vital vote. This cannot possibly be accomplished in the course of a minute or three. The more each candidate speaks, the more likely a flexible citizen will listen and weigh, rather than listening for things that support an opinion held prior to the debate. The more we listen, the more we learn. Five debates should be the minimum, strictly enforced.

What frightful defect causes you to say you are a great or even good judge of character? How many people have you been wrong about, you victim of arrogance? Have you ever made a mistake Those who prove that they know a mistake by correcting it are the only people who can claim to be honest, which translates directly into how much we can believe them. Such people know you must hear at least dozens or hundreds of sentences from someone before you have a fair estimation of their millions of thoughts and opinions and positions. Since there has rarely ever been an honest incumbent running again, it becomes that much more important to listen to that person extensively, to hear or scores or hundreds of sentences from them. This provides more pieces of information to justify being for or against that candidate. More often than not, experience has proven experience to serve less. New blood, please.

Would we consider the death penalty for those who do not vote? By repeating this demand a thousand times, then settling for mere deportation, a cogent conversation may yet develop. Certainly there is cause to justify stripping those who do not vote of their many societal participations, such as garbage collection or licensing privileges.

The initial negative reaction is tempered by a reminder that Australia was a discard for the worst of the worst, and they seem to be working things out fairly well. Removing the worst twenty percent frees up more than half of all resources currently devoted to them. Those who do not vote commit sins no less grievous than the non-violent petty criminal, because the non-voter does damage to millions of people. Mandatory voting is about fixing lack of participation in fixing what's wrong.

Can we fine people who complain without offering a resolution? A thousand per offense, after ten offenses ten thousand per offense, continuing in a sliding scale upwards.

Whatever you do, it is with mediocre effort, average effort, or great effort. It is your form of participation. It is one of the few things in life that can never be taken from you. No one else gets to decide which of these you choose.

Taking conscious control of the decision-making process, which means exerting your will, instantly increases your power over events and humans. It is immediate, and irrefutable, multiplying your results repeatedly. It is perfectly impossible to learn less about any subject. The energy for low participation is the same as that used for excellence.

Every right you have to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is predicated on voting, the most seminal of societal participation. For you not to vote means you carry a huge, bloody demerit for the damage and destruction you inflict on hundreds of millions of people. When you do not vote, greedy people get away with what one rich lady repeatedly called, "Hurricane Karina." When you do not vote, hundreds of thousands of our kids suffer horrifically in heat with bugs and huge thirst, contaminated water sold by the greediest of all, who profiteer from human suffering. When you do not vote, you steal from all of your neighbors, because you allow crooks to take control of public monies. Your lack of participation caused all this suffering and you'd better read another fifteen thousand books, personally, before you eink about debating the logic of this. Carry your weight.

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