What will they see when the sun goes down
who will they talk to then
and will it be just another day in Paradise
or will it ever go on so strong

Can it ever be the same for you and me and will we carry on stronger and stronger and stronger, stronger and stronger again and when will it be our turn, my friend oh, will it be another way to go

have you ever seen the darkness at the other end of light have you ever gone shadowing all alone

And tell me all the things that you never did get to see How you gonnna get there then?

Will it be another day in Paradise or will go on grow on getting there alone

Tell me is it everthing that they said it would be Is it quite what it's long cracked up to be Will it be just another day in Paradise, or will we go on stronger and stronger and stronger
stronger and stronger
stronger and stronger again

Tell me how we're gonna get there, will it be on time
will it carry all the sweet and simple things
will we know how to handle it when we get there
will we get there alive;

Now everything I've been taught
tells me not to go.. everything says, "No, NO, NO,"
But all the things I've learned was to trust in one another
It's you, it's You I'm going to trust tonight.

Lets' move on to that very
that special private place
where no one no one no one gets to go
It'll all be you and me again
Placing all those bets on "go."

Well, tell me everything that we're going to know then
will we get there alive in one piece
is it really just you and me, walking this way
and will it grow on so long

All my life I have waited, for a moment just like this
All my life I have pleased and pleaded in vain
wlll this be the sweetest day of all days
or will it end up in pain?
Can we grow stronger and stronger, stronger and stronger
stronger and stronger again;

I'm asking when we do it,
and will we fall short
stronger and stronger, stronger and stronger
stronger and stronger again;

Can words really say everything that we feel
let these keys walk and talk on their own
How's it going to be when we're finally all alone,
will it be everything it's long cracked up to be
And have you ever seen darkness at the other end of light
have you ever gone shadowing all alone.

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