PowerGems are why we're here, to reach that sweet abandon,

freedom found by PowerGems, differentiating who can't and can.

PowerGems to light up,  that which sits before your eyes,

omnipotentence unbridled, oh, how you will soon thrive

Reach for everything that you once thought too routine,

and you'll find the way in PowerGems, and all you should have seen.

Answer to the call of what will soon be history,

a tale of who you are and were, once you've left the scene.

Determine in advance just what will be write all 'bout you,

by engaging just one PowerGem, cleave it closely unto truth.

Nothing that you've noticed, no cute trick we might have learned.

will compare to what soon happens when to the truths you return.

PowerGems are able answers, PowerGems are stable ways,

if you ask more people more times each,

you will double your today.

Don't pretend to know more than the one who do the best,

it's the horse's mouth worth listening to, everyone else must save their breath.

PowerGems are shortcuts from the masters and the champions, those who do it best,

and the fastest path to mastery has been pioneered for all the rest.

Embrace the ways of champions, let your light start shining now,

the masters and the champions grew it up from naught, somehow.

Listen to the voices of those who broadcast cheer,

it's too wasteful to just play the fool,

and live consumed by fear.

Pay heed to lifetime masters, pay attention to the champions,

let your mind and eye stay focused, there are like-minded companions.

Whichever way you choose to move, there are others out there duplicating you.

So if you send out all your best, or all the worst you have meant,

you can bet your life and destiny, you'll get back just what you sent.

PowerGems work wonders, and, most often, quite right away,

less talking and more actions, with ANY PowerGem today.