Try going slower; you'll see more, enjoy more. and get there faster.
You'll find that moving on an angle smoothly engages the best physical feeling.
There are hundreds of thousands of EyeCandy creations spread out for you.

That's how it is for chocolate. Your chocolate PowerGem is tasty.

Only in those moments where chocolate is actually in contact with taste buds does it taste good.
When we chomp down on chocolate, eating it quickly, we get perhaps twenty seconds of pleasure.
When we allow the chocolate to melt, the contact between chocolate and taste buds increases.
It even multiplies the contact, showering electro-chemical pleasure messages to the brain.
The longer the chocolate is in your mouth, the greater the number of pleasure messages.
Trade twenty or thirty seconds of chomping for many minutes of expanding pleasure.
As with skin emolients, the less chocolate you use, the better it works for you.
It also means thay you can eat more chocolate less invasively to the body.
Small pieces of dark chocolate, without milk or sugary garbage added,
raises your pleasure chemicals and your immune system strength.
It is a form of getting "high" inexpensively, and to your benefit.
Please note: 70% of all cocoa comes from the Ivory Coast.
Children are still brutalized as literal slaves to reap it.
Yes, that means the chocolate you're eating now,
unless it's specifically identified as otherwise.
If you don't think of these abused children,
who do you figure will? Their parents?
Live better while helping others.
Eat healthy, "safe" chocolate.
Live a better life, naturally.

     Genius recognizes talent                                                                   while mediocrity cannot see beyond itself                                                                                                                   Dream.                          Dream and persist.
This chocolate EyeCandy treat is brought to you by the Shortcuts Way of Living

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Shortcuts Way of Living On One Hundred Percent Methods

The Shortcuts Way of Living Accepts One Hundred Percent Or Nearly So.
Of course, there IS always some chance that you know more than billionaires.
The Shortcuts Way of Living does not operate on chances or hopeful guesses.
The basis of the Shortcuts Way of Living is the universality of big shortcuts.
With all that it took to bring you to this time, place, & moment in your life,
you are coaxed with the greatest imaginable enthusiasm of discourse
to please, to instantly, and forevermore, raise the quality of thought.
Whatever you think most about, you are moving closer to.
When you can just learn this one master secret of the universe,
wealth will quickly open itself to you easily, and for your life.
"For your life" has more than two meanings. Count them!
When you know in advance how to move to something,
you get to control your thoughts in advance of events,
which means you obtain control of your destination.
Destination is manifestation of your own destiny.
You control the outcome by controlling income.
Income can be thought, fact, or cold money.
Think bigger, and think better, on purpose.
Place your mind where you wish to be.
Do it more than anyone else does,
do it more than YOU have done,
and you will arrive at wealth.
.. at the Shortcuts Way of Living
of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Until you show it better, how can you know it much better?
Follow those who repeatedly do it the best, then add your flavor.
Until you have done something one hundred times, why opine?
Your words triple in value when you speak from experience.
The more successful that experience, and more repeated,
the more likely we will wish to grow up to be like you.
Words triple in value when experience drives them
Heed those who do, then add your perspectives.
You know that recipes work. Take this power:
Ask more people & ask more of each one.
1000 repetitions will deliver your wealth.
100 repetitions only triple your results.
You know better than billionaires?
Shhh. Less talking, more doing.
Those who do, know, teach.

In this moment, plant new seeds to grow new shrubs and trees.
Every single thing you do today has a consequence tomorrow. True?
By controlling more of what you do today, you influence tommorow.
You say that you know this, and we wait for you to prove it so.
Your truth is found in your actions far more than your words.
You will associate this day with excellence... or not.
That association is always based on your actions.
he next sixty minutes tells the world so much.

Welcome to the Shortcuts Way of Living, Shapelinks and EyeCandy Capital of the Internet,
possibly the most amazing place or journey you will ever direct yourself to engage in.
More than 3,200,000 multi-tasking minutes of our greatest mind, invested in you.

... and thousands of other self-empowering MisterShortcut Mister-Shortcut (et alia) websites,
each one a mega-billion treasure trove of the best secrets and shortcuts of all time.

Unless you know better than masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,
the Shortcuts Way of Living is where you might wish to focus your attention.
Each of those "annual" days you observe as if they were extra-special...
provide proof that you urgently need to educate yourself instantly.
The Shortcuts Way of Living has so many comforting answers.
No one day is more special than any other, but for one.
That day is, of course, the one you are in now.
We cannot live in tomorrow or yesterday, hm?
1,440 separate minutes each and every day,
1,000 of your daily minutes are discretionary,
meaning you get three fantastic choices in every one.
First, you can fritter away thousands of seconds chattering,
or you can invest those now-micurateed precious units of life fruitfully.
Secondly, you can do today as you did yesterday, getting near-identical results,
or you can choose to make today the single most exciting day of the past one hundred.

Third, you can continue to spend as you do, wasting fully eighty percent of all non-rent dollars,
or you can take back eighty percent of what you now spend so that you can invest in yourself.

If you are fortunate and hard-working, you will receive 2,000 paychecks in your lifetime. If you add them all together, you may still not have enough to enjoy a fun retirement. Isn't that incredible? Count it up, and see for yourself. A singular feature of the Shortcuts Way of Living is that you need not believe anything proposed as opinion or what amounts to anecdotal observation. A great power of the Shortcuts Way of Living is found in recognizing that you get to prove features and facts and PowerGems at your instant discretion. Count up 2,000 of your paychecks and see if you have enough to retire comfortably, or even marginally.

Retiring at age sixty-five, most people want to expect at least twenty years, possibly thirty. So, if, say, fifty thousand dollars per year is enough to keep you happy in retirement, which is not as large a number as it may appear, you must first satisfy your tax requirements, meaning you will need to have at least sixty-two thousand dollars per year. Thirty years of life will require two million dollars, and you have not yet addressed the fees involved with taking care of you in the event of a "Heaven Forfend" circumstance in your later years.

The point, of course, is that you must have more than just your paycheck to count upon as the eggs in your retirement nest. The metaphors used involving eggs are indeed appropriate in recognition of the fragility of both.

At the same time, remember that dropping fifty raw eggs from a helicopter hovering fifty feet off the ground onto a nice, lush green lawn will find all or most all of the eggs surviving the drop. Within the fragility, one learns to find strengths to draw upon, and profit from. Try to remember from this moment onward that there was a full set of reasons for you learning that every cloud has a silver lining, that every crisis is, according to the Chinese lettering for crisis, "opportunity riding a wind of danger."

What the reason was is for you to determine. A prime purpose of the Shortcuts Way of Living is simply to provide you with the sharpest possible set of tools in your belt. This is your life, and it's whizzing by at fantastic speeds even as the ground you walk upon is right now hurling through space at more than 66,000 miles per hour, while spinning at 1,000 miles per hour... all inside of a solar system currently moving through the heavens at approximately 560,000 miles per hour. Whew! It's enough to take your breath away... if and only if you had something to compare your speed to. Since you don't, you do not realize or even recognize that you are moving at these fantastic speeds.

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What will you do with an extra ten thousand of your best minutes of effort?
Each trip to the Shortcuts Way of Living aims to give new, useful information.
Your life is ripping past at fantastic speeds you have proven not to comprehend.
Forget about years and months - they are too long-range for your current needs.
Learn to get more value from the precious seconds you now waste profligately.
You get this when you understand that seconds are worth more than dollars.
Take just ten seconds from every petty conversation, and see them add up.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is purely about what ALWAYS works well.
Don't just seize the day - seize the moment... much more often.
Follow the PowerLinks to get to your universal PowerGems.
Use any Shortcuts Way of Living PowerGem, repeatedly.
Best of all, you need not take anyone's word for all this.
It costs you no money at all to save time and money.
Squeeze more out of what you already have now.
The fruits will literally astound and please you.
Multiply with the Shortcuts Way of Living.
The longer you live, the faster time flies.
So, do more with what you have now.
It multiplies what you end up with.

Unless you know more than billionaires, how expert are you at gaining wealth?
MisterShortcut had no wish to learn from those who speak much and do little.
Those who do the best prove to know the best, which means they teach best.
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires need not speak.
Their actions speak loudly enough for all of us to learn mastery.
The Shortcuts Way of Living is eternal use of their wisdom.
...because those who do best want YOU to outdo the rest.